Pandala Island has been completely transformed! If you're a player with a subscription, you can explore it once you've completed the "Pandala Awakens" quest (it has no particular requirements and is available from the NPC Moku in front of Pandala Bridge at 12,-21).

Pandala's Awakening

In addition to major geographical changes, there will be an expanded version of the history of Pandala. The flora and fauna will be different, which will affect the items made from resources collected on the island. Players will get to complete new challenges and be rewarded with glory, power, and wealth. Our more experienced adventurers needn't worry either, as Pandala Island will have many secrets yet to be revealed in the summer of 650… Learn more (devblog).

Class Balancing Continues

In response to the needs expressed by players and issues that have been observed, for this new balancing phase, we focused on the following classes: Sacrier, Foggernaut, Huppermage, and Ecaflip. Learn more (devblog).

New: Specific Challenges

A minor new mechanic will accompany Pandala's awakening: monster-family-specific challenges. Quite simply, these are combat challenges designed to highlight the specific features of a monster family, and to more properly reward your combat-related feats. Learn more (devblog).

Revamped Music: Continued and Concluded!

We are very excited to announce the release of part 2 of the DOFUS music revamp! Learn more (devblog)