The game servers are being updated. Here's a list of the changes made:


Elemental Cycle

  • The spell properly returns its AP cost to the caster (no longer to the target) the first time the spell is cast on said target within a turn.

Runic Treatment

  • It erroneously had a maximum number of casts per turn and a recast interval at ranks 1 and 2.
    • New recast intervals: 2 / 0 / 0
    • New maximum casts per turn: 0 / 1 / 1


Voracious Sword

  • It's Thirst for Blood spell correctly heals the caster and allies under Perfusion, whether the sword inflicts damage on an ally or an enemy.​​​​​
  • The Voracious Sword's Thirst for Blood spell (at rank 3) previously wouldn't heal the caster or allies in the Perfusion state when the sword dealt damage to enemies. This issue has been fixed.


  • It correctly reduces the caster's HP by 10% for the rest of the fight after being used.


  • The recast interval for the Summoning of Cucumbomb spell is once again listed as 3 turns in the spell's tooltip.
  • The Invulnerable state applied by the various Geoglyphs can no longer be unbewitched.
  • The Atmospheric Low spell inflicts less damage.
  • The Nun-Shakrang spell does slightly more damage.
  • The Fire-Fighting Barrel provides more bonuses in the first few turns.
  • The symbol for the Fire Extinction state now appears on the character correctly.
  • The appearance of extinction glyphs is less random.


  • The recipe for the Perfect Soul Stone for Gigantic Souls has been modified. The Pointed Stone Fragment has been replaced by the Alteration Potion.
  • The Whetstone can be traded in to the Resource Steward.
  • The recipes for new Pandala equipment now require additional dungeon keeper resources.
    • Cuttings – Damadrya's Exploding Bud: 2 → 9
    • Plantamulet – Damadrya's Exploding Bud: 3 → 10
    • Bulbuckler – Damadrya's Exploding Bud: 3 → 11
    • Capistil – Damadrya's Exploding Bud: 2 → 10
    • Kwarapace – Nagate's Rubber Quaquack: 2 → 13
    • Kwapuddle Cap – Nagate's Rubber Quaquack: 3 → 12
    • Kwaxe – Nagate's Rubber Quaquack: 2 → 11
    • Nagate's Tear – Nagate's Rubber Quaquack: 3 → 9
    • Nutcrackers – Tanukouï San Testicles: 3 → 11
    • Titfertat Hat – Tanukouï San Testicles: 3 → 12
    • Turpitude Band – Tanukouï San Testicles: 3 → 12
    • Roasty Breadstick – Tanukouï San Testicles: 3 → 12
    • Firefoux Ring – Magical Founoroshi Tail: 3 → 11
    • Firewelt – Magical Founoroshi Tail: 3 → 12
    • Firefoux Bag – Magical Founoroshi Tail: 2 → 10
    • Firefoux Spitfire – Magical Founoroshi Tail: 2 → 13
    • Nun-Charang – Shihan Hair Stick: 3 → 11
    • Cloakscreen – Shihan Hair Stick: 3 → 13
    • Dark Hurl Necklace – Hanshi Scarf: 2 → 13
    • Hanshi Staff – Hanshi Scarf: 2 → 13
    • Shihan Fans – Shihan Hair Stick: 3 → 10


  • The Tanuki challenge correctly grants kamas in addition to experience.
  • The challenges Shard It and Two Bhalls with One Stone work properly.
  • The First achievement for fighting Tanukouï San has been replaced by Statue because of a bug related to the monster's death.
  • Summons no longer prevent the completion of the Fainthearted achievement when fighting Hanshi and Shihan.


Gender Equality:
  • Players who chose to team up with Wotta but lost the fight on the first try can restart the fight by speaking to Wotta.
  • Losses (male or female) are now obtainable against monsters.
  • The final fight can be done over if you lose (but the choice of ally remains the same).
Under the Northern Lights:
  • You can no longer craft the Panduckler without having talked to Master Kwatimbe beforehand.
  • Noisy/Laughing/Loud Yokai:
    • They are no longer affected by poison damage or pushback damage.
    • They can no longer wake each other up when they've fallen asleep.
    • They deal slightly less damage.
The Dofus Receptacle:
  • Fixed placement slots have been added to the receptacle map for the fight with the Prophetic Fire.
It Never Wains But It Pouws:
  • The quest now requires you to have completed the quest "Wise and Wiser" instead of the defunct "Lenald Legend".
Modern Warrior: Special Tactics:
  • The map where Gomery Mont is located is once again accessible.
Go with the Flow:
  • The fourth barrel is interactive again.
The Mean Ol' Witch of the East:
  • The coordinates for the location of the Disciple of Vini have been corrected.
Viti's Blessing:
  • The coordinates for the location of the Disciple of Vini have been corrected.
Passing Test:
  • The interactive elements linked to the temple in Nolifis are available again, making it possible to complete the quest step.
Who Kicks the Kicked Ass's Ass?:
  • The compass will now point to Tungussi's new position.
Apprenticeship – Supreme Champion:
  • The Kitsou Entrails used in the Motor Pike recipe have been replaced by Tanuki Entrails.


  • Item links work in the chat history again.
  • Various bugs in the in-game shop have been fixed.


  • Missing map change interactions in Nolifis Island have been fixed.
  • Incorrect coordinates in Pandala Village interiors have been corrected.
  • A dark bamboo node that was inaccessible in Feudala can now be harvested.