The game servers are being updated. Here's a list of the changes made:



  • Helping Word: The spell can properly be used a second time.


  • Flaming Crow: Display issues that occurred when the spell was cast several times in a row have been fixed.


  • Mutilation: The Power bonus at rank 2 would only last for one turn instead of being infinite while Mutilation was active. This has been fixed.
  • Sacrifice: The spell previously no longer removed the effect of the Ivory Dofus on sacrificed targets. This issue has been resolved.


  • There was an issue where certain monsters would do nothing for several seconds when it was their turn; this has been resolved.


  • Certain effects, including those related to Tanuki challenges, would erroneously appear in the chat box or the list of bewitchments. Anything that was irrelevant to understanding combat has therefore been removed for better readability.
  • Several spells didn't have an icon. This problem has been fixed.


  • The color of the Extinguisher glyph has gone from gray to light blue.
  • The characteristics of the monsters Bomb Lantern and Firecracker Cluster Lantern are now correct. Their resistance to AP and MP loss and their damage have therefore been increased.
  • The following monsters deal less damage now.
    • Boombardier:
      • Sticky Mortar Shell => 36%
    • Spitfoux:
      • Point-Blank => 29%
    • Fouxnamballist:
      • Boomball => 18%
      • Acroball => 21%
    • Bangartifoux:
      • Banger => 18%
    • Gingerocket:
      • Incendiary Rocket => 22%
  • The Celestial Bearbarian no longer enters the Beark to Life state when he uses the Bearbargain spell.


  • Certain inconsistencies between the resource level and equipment level have been corrected: 
    • Kwarapace: (1 Crimson Pebble) -> 2 Thicket Substrate
    • Kwapuddle Cap: (1 Farmland Substrate) -> 2 Gleaming Pebble
    • Kwaxe: (2 Ebonite) -> 1 Dimensional Fabric
    • Nagate's Tear: (2 Tourmaline) -> 1 Forest Substrate
    • Nutcrackers: (568 Nuggets) ->
    • Titfertat Hat: (2 Crimson Pebble) -> 2 Thicket Substrate
    • Thread Belt: (1 Farmland Substrate) -> 2 Gleaming Pebble
    • Roasty Breadstick: (1 Ebonite) -> 1 Dimensional Fabric
    • Firefoux Ring: (2 Tourmaline) -> 1 Forest Substrate
    • Firewelt: (784 Nuggets) ->
    • Firefoux Bag: (1 Crimson Pebble) -> 2 Thicket Substrate
    • Firefoux Spitfire: (2 Farmland Substrate) -> 2 Gleaming Pebble
    • Nun-Charang: (1 Ebonite) -> 1 Dimensional Fabric
    • Cloakscreen: (1 Tourmaline) -> 1 Forest Substrate
    • Hanshi Staff: (2 Crimson Pebble) -> 1 Dimensional Fabric
    • Shihan Fans: (2 Farmland Substrate) -> 1 Forest Substrate
  • The Magic Tanuki Hair resource is now dropped by the archmonsters Titinaynay the Swayer and Paranotackle the Emasculated.


  • In the Dragon's Mouth: The player can now make the Grandapan appear by standing in front of the platform.
  • Mind Your Spirits:
    • The chagrined spirit can appear even if the objective related to the clouded spirit has been completed.
    • The NPC Chochinobake will now appear when the appearance requirements have been met.
    • The Painful Burn no longer disappears after a fight.
    • Dictionayokai would occasionally enter the Tired state after combat on certain maps. This should no longer happen.
    • The appearance of the fertile spirit via the offering in Plantala has been corrected.
    • The sacrificial spirit can once again appear in Aerdala. The ring of voluntary sacrifice must now be worn for one day (instead of five) and no longer applies an AP or MP penalty. You need to not have any rings equipped in order to get the Voluntary Sacrifice.
    • Uwabami: Bottles of Pandakwak no longer cause damage when they die at the end of a fight.
  • Lantern Festival:
    • The enchanted mortar can no longer be used if the objective isn't active.
    • Players who used the enchanted mortar prematurely can get it back by talking to Founoroshi.
    • The number of enemy monsters has been reduced: 4 -> 3 (a Boombardier Pyrofouxnician was removed)
    • The Qilin can be pushed or pulled.
    • The Qilin's HP has been increased: 6100 -> 8000.
    • The Qilin now has an Initiative penalty of 500.
  • The Balance of Power: The NPC Captain of the Kozaru Guard is available again.
  • Wise and Wiser: The quest can now be started if the quest "The Dofus Receptacle" has been completed and the dialogue with the NPC Surivitna was interrupted.
  • The Soul Stealer: Yor Solismynao's ghost properly appears after the dialogue with Tungussi.
  • A Reminder: The coordinates given by Surivitna are now correct.
  • Apprenticeship – Supreme Champion: The description for the item Sesanabolic Potion Recipe correctly mentions Tanuki Entrails instead of Kitsou Entrails.
  • Modern Warrior: Special Tactics: The quest progression is no longer blocked after Gomery Mont has been freed.


  • Tanukouï San
    • All the modifiers work properly now.
    • The duration of the Nightmare's Unmovable state has been increased to 2 turns.
    • The description of the Dream correctly specifies that healing is applied after movement.
  • Hanshi
    • Hanshi's Nightmare: When Hanshi goes through a phase, the bonuses are correctly applied.


  • The "Statue" challenge with Tanukouï San is no longer improperly disabled by summons' movements.
  • The meta-achievement "Nice Pair" correctly states "Statue" instead of "First" following the recent change made to this achievement.
  • A spelling correction has been made to the achievement "Wind Dojo".
  • The achievement "Hanshi (Last)" is now "Hanshi and Shihan (Last)".