Pandala Island has been completely transformed! You may have already explored it at length since the last update… Nolifis Island is waiting for you now, with a new Dofus for the taking!

Pandala is still awakening…

You should already know about the changes to Pandala Island, including Pandala Village, Feudala, Aerdala, Akwadala, Plantala, and Terrdala. Now it's time to discover the misty Nolifis Island! Will you outlive the specters and ghosts that haunt this cursed island?

A New Dofus

The next part of the story now takes you to meet Imagiro, the White Dragon. You can get a Dorigami – the famous paper Dofus – from Orukam's brother once you've discovered the dragon's story. Here you can read "Paper and Ink", a story about the two dragons.

Dungeon Achievements Visible During Fights

Achievements associated with dungeon bosses are now displayed and updated during fights. Keeping an eye on your achievement progress has never been so easy! Find out more (devblog).