The game servers were updated on Tuesday, September 29, 2020. Here is the list of changes.


  • The new season of the Kolossium is starting on September 29 after the maintenance cycle.

Iop Class

Cloak Orporal (Item)

  • Threat → Removed.
  • Conquest → The spell's line of sight has been disabled.


  • The Master Kopier challenge is correctly validated when eight Bakaza Kopis are summoned.
  • The Lanternval challenge is correctly invalidated if a lantern is summoned during the fight.
  • The Fighting Blind challenge linked to the Jiangshi-Nobi of Nolifis Island only starts on the second turn. This means it cannot fail at the start of the fight without players being able to do anything about it.


  • Count Harebourg + Lieutenant achievements can once again be validated.
  • The Eliocalypse Storm achievement can once again be validated.


  • Under the Northern Lights: The casting conditions for the Yokaikip spell have changed: 1 Range → 1 to 2 Range.
  • Dark Mystery:
    • Vengeful Tsume-Bozus react to the lantern like normal Tsume-Bozus do.
    • The lantern no longer dies when summoned against a Vengeful Tsume-Bozu.
  • The War in Cania Won't Happen: You can once again go back to the past with Maysial if you went back to the present without interacting with the rift.


  • Characters are no longer teleported to Astrub when they die in the Spirit Abode.
  • The texts that had disappeared from the news page are available once again.