The game servers are being updated. Here's a list of the changes made:

1. Classes


  • Xelor's Dial

    • The Oscillation spell correctly gives AP to allies in the Telefrag state in a 4-cell circle around it for 2 turns. It reapplies this bonus to allies who already had it, anywhere on the field, for 1 turn if the Dial is summoned again before the effect ends.


  • Conjuration

    • A mistake in the spell's description has been corrected.

2. Infinite Dreams

  • After abandoning the group leader in the Infinite Dreams, it is no longer possible to go back to a previous floor of the dream by double-clicking on the well.

3. Temporis

  • Fixed the position preview for some Kitty-Neko spells.

4. Other

  • Guild and alliance lists in the directory no longer appear empty.
  • Fixed how some types of resistance are displayed in the characteristics interface.
  • Resistance earned in a fight no longer remains displayed after the end of the fight.
  • Fixed the damage preview. Some buffs could fail to trigger when simulating critical damage.