Changelog 2.60:

1. New Zone

A new island is emerging off the coast of Pandala: the Atoll of the Possessed. 
This zone is for level-200 characters.

The zone can be accessed from Nolifis Island and does not require any additional prerequisites. To access the dungeon, you must first collect an insignia from the monsters in the zone.

New quests are available:

  • The zone's quests can be completed without any prerequisites.
  • A series of Eliocalypse quests is also available. It includes the epilogue of Pandala and will therefore require the Pandala, Nolifis, and Wukin–Wukang main quest series to be completed. 

2. Balancing



  • Relay:
    • Effect duration has decreased: infinite → 2 turns
  • High-Energy Shot:
    • Increases the Vitality, damage, MP and AP of one of the caster's summons. Bonuses are high only on the first turn, and only a small portion of them are kept forever.
      A summons may only receive the shot once.

    • Bonuses that lasted from turn 1 to turn 3 have been removed, leaving turn-1 bonuses (the most significant) and infinite bonuses.
  • Batra:
    • The poison now stacks only 1 time max.
    • Casting conditions: Max. stacking: 2 → 1
  • Dragon's Breath:
    • The movement effect no longer affects the caster. 


  • The fight against Founoroshi has changed:
    • The barrels have moved to the center of the map. Hitting the barrels from a distance moves the character closer, and hitting them in close combat repels the character.
    • The resistance penalty applied when putting out a Flare has been removed.

3. Bug Fixes



  • The following spell descriptions have changed for greater clarity:
    • Fate of Ecaflip
    • Ecaflip's Audacity
    • Kraps
    • Playful Claw
    • Felintion
    • Lucky Star
    • Perception
    • Yowling
    • Heads or Tails


  • The following spell descriptions have changed for greater clarity:
    • Conjuration
  • Bullying: The preview of the pushed target's position has been fixed if the spell is cast through a portal.


  • The following spell descriptions have changed for greater clarity:
    • Pernicious Word


  • The following spell descriptions have changed for greater clarity:
    • Pull Out
    • Living Chest
    • Correction
    • Wandering
    • Greed
    • Spade of Judgement


  • The following spell descriptions have changed for greater clarity: 
    • Natural Attraction
    • Blindness
    • Barrier
    • Reinforced Protection
    • Perception Glyph
    • Protective Glyph
    • Fulminating Glyph
    • Roaming Glyph
    • Teleglyph
    • Ataraxia
    • Swelling
    • Backlash
  • Barrier: The spell now has an animation when cast.
  • Protective Glyph: The glyph can no longer be summoned if the caster is in the Glyphorce state, but damage is still applied.


  • The following spell descriptions have changed for greater clarity:
    • Morph


  • The following spell descriptions have changed for greater clarity:
    • Violence
    • Destructive Ring
    • Destructive Sword
    • Outpouring
    • Determination
    • Tumult
    • Agitation
    • Gathering
    • Precipitation
    • Sword of Fate
    • Sword of Iop
    • Celestial Sword
    • Conquest
    • Iop's Wrath
    • Virtue
    • Friction


  • The following spell descriptions have changed for greater clarity:
    • Repotting
    • Rise of Sap
    • Voodoo Curse
    • Contagion
    • Aggressive Bramble


  • The following spell descriptions have changed for greater clarity:
    • Invisibility
    • Mist


  • The following spell descriptions have changed for greater clarity:
    • Accomplice
    • Xelor's Dial


  • The following spell descriptions have changed for greater clarity:
    • Grimace


  • If an entity dies after suffering triggered damage, it is no longer indicated as dead twice in the chat interface.
  • Fixed cases where a character could start a fight with abnormally more HP than their maximum.
  • Area-of-effect spells triggered when an entity dies no longer go through target's resistance.
  • Controllable summons' spells with an initial cooldown period are correctly grayed out with an indication of whether they are available.
  • Spells with an initial cooldown period are correctly available after logging out and logging back in.
  • Fixed cases where an entity's death was no longer indicated in the chat interface.
  • Fixed a problem where entities that died in a glyph-aura and were then summoned again could no longer be affected by the glyph's effects.
  • Fixed how sidekicks' Range is displayed at the start of a fight.
  • At the start of turn, a player must now wait 0.5 seconds before skipping their turn when they play two separate creatures' turns in a row (the player's turn, then their controlled summons's turn, for example). This waiting time can be disabled in the game's options menu.
  • In spell tooltips, the order in which effects are displayed has improved to better match the actual order in which they are executed.
  • How effects are displayed in spell tooltips has been revised to correct errors where spaces did not appear in texts.
  • Summons' spell previews now correctly take account of characteristic bonuses passed on by the summoner when they are applicable.
  • Summons' air spell previews are now correctly calculated.


  • Queen Amirukam: If she summons King Imagami when she crosses her HP threshold after damage inflicted by a Crocobur, the King is now correctly controllable.
  • "Lotus" monsters in the Imagiro Memories dungeon correctly skip their turns.

Infinite Dreams

  • Skeunk is now incompatible with monsters and bosses from the Ink Yokai and Paper Yokai families.
  • Ougaa is now incompatible with monsters and keepers from the Ink Yokai and Paper Yokai families.
  • Queen Amirukam's Dream: Fixed effects and improved the description from greater clarity.
  • King Imagami's Dream: Fixed effects.
  • Rac Queen's Dream: Only summons apply the Unhealable state.

Quests and Achievements

  • The descriptions for the following achievements no longer mention the "as a team" condition: Crocabulia (Statue), Vortex (Focus), Tal Kasha (Focus), Ilyzaelle (Focus), Solar (Focus), Servitude (Focus).
  • The descriptions for the following achievements now mention the "as a team" condition: Missiz Freezz (Tight), Exhausted Grozilla and Grasmera (Tight), Queen of Thieves (Tight), Cauldini (Tight), Corruption (Tight).
  • Some challenge descriptions for the following achievements no longer mention the boss's name: Wa Wobot (Clean Hands), Mantiscore (Clean Hands), Corruption (Clean Hands), Silf the Greater Bherb (Time Flies), Gourlo the Terrible (Scanty).
  • Monsters faced in the "Deserted Cargo" quest are now quest-specific monsters; they no longer drop loot and no longer allow idols.
  • Wind Dragon quest: the "Electrified Lightning Cage" item can no longer be collected if the lighting rod is not equipped.
  • The "I Ate His Liver With Some Fava Beans" achievement now gives 10 Carniflora.
  • Fixed an error where some achievements incorrectly appeared when hovering over some boss challenges.
  • Fixed an error that caused a logout at the end of the fight against Armagudgeon.
  • Objectives for repeatable quests that the character already completed now appear correctly in the spell book.


  • Items of equipment that underwent a change in appearance through a mimisymbic or ceremonial item now appear correctly in the shortcut bar.
  • It is now possible to add the Zaapi that is currently being used to the favorites.
  • Some icons flashed in the characteristics interface when the character was not at their max. HP; this problem has now been fixed.
  • Suggestions: It is no longer possible to get multiple suggestion cards corresponding to different stages of the same activity (e.g., Complete 300 quests/Complete 500 quests).
  • The filter to find runes linked to an item of equipment in your bank no longer unexpectedly resets.
  • In the Smithmagic history, a "blocks future Smithmagic" row has been added when a transcendence rune is used.
  • In the rune marketplace, the hunting rune no longer appears as a rune linked to equipment other than weapons.
  • It is no longer possible to enter non-compliant characters in the Shield code entry interface.
  • The expanded interface button list ("+" button) no longer opens on its own when a character logs in if they are married.
  • Fixed an error that prevented sorting from correctly working in the list of possible recipes. 
  • Fixed an error that sometimes prevented item quantities from being changed in the crafting interface.
  • The "reset tips" option is working again.
  • The bestiary no longer displays icons for archmonsters linked with Snowbound Village monsters.
  • The Infinite Dreams button in the menu is now unlocked at level 50. 
  • It is no longer possible to drag an equipped item into a trade window via the shortcut bar.
  • In the shop, it is now possible to preview the appearance of items when an article contains multiple ceremonial items that can be equipped in the same slot, as well as the appearance of coulives.
  • The error message displayed when a player reaches the limit for their contact list or blocked player list shows the right maximum allowed values.
  • There is no longer a confirmation popup when trying to place items on the ground but the quantity is changed to 0.


  • A new shortcut has been added to start a globally pre-sentient mount journey more quickly: Ctrl + click on the world map or minimap. Using this shortcut also bypasses the journey confirmation window.
  • When a character reaches their pod limit and then changes their Strength so they won't be overloaded, they can now correctly start running again without needing to change maps.
  • Emote scrolls obtained in Temporis IV are correctly visible in the marketplace. 


Graphical Fixes

  • Pets' positions have been corrected for male Eniripsa characters.
  • The Gladiator emote is working again.
  • Fixed an error that made it impossible to play several emotes in a row after playing the "Shadragon" emote. 
  • Female Huppermage, Eliotrope, and Ouginak characters correctly play the female version of the "Hey" emote.
  • Fixed how the astral shadow transformation and its movement animations are displayed.
  • The "Gravprysy" item's icon correctly appears in its tooltip.
  • The Asse Shield icon has changed to match its appearance.
  • The Sufokia rune marketplace map has changed; the stairs have been removed.
  • Fixed cases where the character could walk in the scenery on the Bonta grocery store map.
  • Changed the entrance cell in the Astrub shoemakers' workshop.
  • Some incorrectly placed harvestable resources have been repositioned.
  • Several spell icons were missing reflections or details; they have now been fixed.
  • The ghost pirate transformation in the "He Wants to Be Buried at Sea" quest no longer leaves items of equipment visible.
  • Markers have been added to the world map for the Otomai Island workshops.