The game servers have been updated. Here's a list of the changes made on 9/28/21:

1. Temporis VI

  • The Ouginak passive has been fixed, properly reducing enemy damage.
  • Rekloot boxes for the hunting profession now drop from monsters for players with a hunting weapon and a high enough profession level.
  • The sage Rekloot box unlocks Divine Sage. Certain farmer, fisherman, alchemist, and miner boxes were still granting XP for the lumberjack profession; these have been fixed.
  • Critical hit rates shown in spell tooltips in Temporis VI are now correct.
  • Fixed the coloration of pets in Temporis VI.

2. Kolossium

  • Certain Kolossium maps have undergone a few fixes in terms of layout (starting icons, corridors, isolated cells, etc.).

3. Combat

  • Added a notification for failed achievements that are not the product of a single player (Duo, Chrono, Trio, or Quartet).
  • Added a notification for when a challenge based on a specific number of turns is unsuccessful.
  • The Heavy state has its own icon again.
  • Fixed the preview in certain cases when vitality is negative.

4. Other

  • The filter for runes linked to an item will no longer be removed after an item is moved to/from the bank.
  • The Ignore button in the trade request pop-up works properly.
  • A challenge notification appears when a party member launches a challenge.
  • If the player themself was in WID, they were teleported to an empty map after leaving spectator mode in another WID fight. This has been fixed.