The game servers have been updated. Here's a list of the changes made on 2/15/22:

1. Technical Changes

  • This week, we won't update the Beta client until the performance issues reported in the forum have been fixed. As a reminder, over the last few weeks, we've rolled out a new client called "Beta" to fix some issues with keyboard shortcuts in macOS Monterey. Please go back to using the "classic" client while we fix these issues.
  • As we announced in this forum post, we have blocked logging in to DOFUS via the in-game login ID and password interface; now you can only log in via the Ankama Launcher. If you encounter any problems logging in this way, please contact Customer Support via this link:
  • Two changes have been made alongside blocking logging in via the in-game login ID and password interface:
    • The login error message has been updated to be more understandable and provide solutions for players who get stuck.
    • Where you choose a connection port has moved. It can now be accessed in the DOFUS game settings in the Ankama Launcher. These settings can be accessed via the gear icon below the "Play" button in the Ankama Launcher.

2. Miscellaneous

  • Added the image for the monster "Ghost of Master Laogwo" to the timeline during combat.