The game servers have been updated. Here's a list of the changes made on 12/16/21:

1. Quests

  • "The Beginning of the End" and "In the Course of a Lost Dream": The NPC Djaul is once again in the Tower of Brakmar to validate the objectives of these two quests.
  • "The Beginning of the End": The objective is properly validated after the Bleeding Heart Guards are defeated.
  • "Rotten Business in Amakna": Amayiro and Oto Mustam will now let you advance the quest if you're of the enemy alignment.
  • "A Painful Separation": The teleportations have been fixed. The Bontarian captain properly appears on the map after the cell is inspected.
  • "Underground Melody": Wyem Seay used to irregularly appear in two places the first time you had to speak with him, and he wouldn't let you continue the quest in one of these cases. He now appears only in the Brakmar kitchens at that point.
  • "How to Put a Shark in His Coffin": You now need to hand over a Bworkball beer. 
  • "Poor Golden Larva": It is once again possible to fight the larvae by talking to Oto Mustam to get the golden larva as a follower character.
  • "I Smell Trouble": The objective "Take Skav to prison" is properly validated when you arrive on the prison map. Skav now properly appears in the cell.
  • "Dance of Dissonance": In some cases, it was necessary to defeat the Builder Crackler twice to advance in resolving the objective "Wake up the Twelvians". This issue has been fixed. It is still possible to fight the trools and the crackler without the objective being active.
  • "Call of the Dark City": The quest objectives appear correctly.
  • "Dike Tarak, the Threat": The quest is properly validated if you lose the fight against Dike Tarak.
    Players who have irregularly become neutral again due to the quest malfunctioning can go back to Amayiro to restore their alignment.
  • "The Hammer Hitocracy": The quest no longer gets stuck after the Light Spirit is defeated.
  • "Sewer Time" and "Sewer Raider": The contaminated rat can no longer be accompanied by rats from the sub-area; it systematically appears alone. Contaminated rat blood is no longer dropped by the Hyoactive Rat archmonster.
  • "Destiny": Otomai's dialogues have been added.
  • "Sewer Raider": The quest objective correctly mentions contaminated rat blood instead of Hyoactive Rat Blood.
  • "Research on the Horn": The NPC's directions have been added as information to the objective that asks you to find the smugglers' hideout.
  • "Get Your Fresh Snapper Here": It is possible to continue the quest by seeing Al Fabeticorder (the player used to get stuck, as if they had the lurgi).
  • "Kain Dharyn's Crystal": The objective asking you to take a qualified guard to Oto Mustam now specifies that the guard must be facing Oto Mustam.
  • "A Special Iron": Oto Mustam properly validates the last objective of the quest.
  • "Underground Melody": The map directions for finding Reece Epshonnist and Kazzy Duno have been corrected.
  • "Fixed-Term Burglary": Amayiro properly grants rank 91 at the end of the quest.
  • "Defensive Preparation": Added an information message to the objective to find Petra.
  • "Time Theft": Becky Stein properly validates her objective. Combat positioning to fight the Mysterious Box is once again set in advance; the box is indeed in the middle.
  • "The War in Cania Won't Happen": Maysial no longer incorrectly teleports to Astrub.
  • "Refined Cuisine": The quest step "Help Ramy to make a dish" is properly validated if the fight is fought as a group.
  • "Meanwhile, a Rebirth": You must now have completed the quest "The Wokening" before starting this quest. The player is no longer Unlockable in the fight against the "Horsemen" quest monster. The "Reminiscence" bonus is removed when the player moves away from the gates of Onekros.
  • "Delayed Attack": Amayiro now makes it possible to validate the quest.
  • "Ned the Dentist": You are correctly required to bring teeth to Ned, and he indeed has a "?" marker.
  • "Mornings Are Hard": The objective "Question the rats" is properly validated after they are defeated.
  • "At Danathor's Service": If you refuse to poison an innocent, Kooc Fehc will let you complete the quest.
  • "My Memory's Gone to Pieces": The directions to find the lever to free Farmhand Ruprecht have been updated.
  • "A Soft-Shelled Turtle?": The workshops' tooltips have been fixed.
  • Fixed compasses for some objectives in the following quests: "The Hunt for Red Octolliard", "Underground Melody", "Pot, Double Agent", "The Phoney", "The Dawn Shard", "Research on the Horn".
  • Added a "?" marker to Torche in the quest "Training with Torche".
  • Added "?" markers to Oto Mustam for some objectives in the following quests: "Free Tax", "Mental Dentists", "Sewer Raider".
  • Fixed the appearance of some quest NPCs.

2. Destroyers' Nightmare

  • Changes have been made to the nightmare area's modifiers:
    • Horrifying Mist
      When an ally dies, the range of all enemies is reduced by 5 and enemies become invisible for 1 turn.
      Bearers of the Nightmare Dofus also become invisible and lose only 3 range.
    • Delirious Visions  
      Starting on the second turn, and then at the start of an entity's every turn, the entity is teleported randomly onto an adjacent cell. 
      An enemy teleported onto an occupied cell suffers damage in their best element and loses 3 unparryable AP. 
      Bearers of the Nightmare Dofus teleported to an occupied cell lose 3 unparryable MP for 1 turn. 
    • Night Terror 
      If an enemy finishes their turn without any adversaries in their line of sight, the Nightmare has a chance of appearing for 1 turn. 
      The chance of it appearing is lower for bearers of the Nightmare Dofus. 
    • Haunting  
      Allies inflict 15% extra damage. An enemy who is healed or receives shield has a chance of summoning the Nightmare for 1 turn.
      The chance of it appearing is lower for bearers of the Nightmare Dofus.
    • Scopaesthesia 
      Starting with the second turn and then at the start of each turn, each enemy has a chance of acquiring the Scopaesthesia state. If that enemy uses MP during the turn, the Nightmare will inflict considerable damage on them and apply the Gravity state to them for 1 turn.
      Bearers of the Nightmare Dofus suffer less damage and do not enter the Gravity state.
    • Incessant Nightmares 
      Starting with the third turn, and then every 3 rounds, all entities return to their start-of-combat positions and lose 4 turns of bewitchment. The Nightmare appears for 1 turn.
      Bearers of the Nightmare Dofus return to their previous positions.
    • Paradoxical Sleep  
      Enemies lose 2 MP for the duration of the fight but gain 1 AP. Allies gain 2 MP but lose 1 AP.
      Bearers of the Nightmare Dofus lose only 1 MP and gain 2 AP.
    • Intangible Threat 
      Allies are Unlockable for the duration of the fight. Enemies inflict 50% less damage from a distance but gain 20% damage in close combat.
      Bearers of the Nightmare Dofus only lose 10% ranged damage and gain 25% close-combat damage.
    • Evanescence  
      Enemies are Unlockable, but suffer 10% additional erosion, and received heals and life steals are reduced by 50% for the duration of the fight.
      For bearers of the Nightmare Dofus, erosion is 5% and heals are reduced by only 20%.
  • Destroyers' Nightmare (Infinite Dreams) modifier:

    • The modifier's description has been updated. The nightmare properly first appears on the second turn, then every four turns.

    • The nightmare no longer summons itself.

  • The bonuses from the Relics of the Crimson Dawn set have been partly modified:

    • The Strength, Chance, Agility, and Intelligence bonuses are now unlocked starting at 4 items equipped, for bonuses of 100. The same applies to elemental damage bonuses, for bonuses of 10.

    • The Strength, Chance, Agility, and Intelligence bonuses have been reduced to 150 when all 6 items are equipped.

    • Also for 6 items equipped, the Range bonus has been reduced from 3 to 2.

  • "The Eternal Conflict" monster:
    • At the start of its turn, it switches places with the Bontangel or Brakimp if on an adjacent cell.
    • Fixed an issue with Eternal Conflict's Nightmare (Infinite Dreams).
  • The Duo achievement for the boss "The Eternal Conflict" is now 40 turns.

3. Bonta / Brakmar

  • Added Tabibus to Bonta and Ototube to Brakmar.
  • Missing pathways have been added to both cities to improve navigation.
  • The cities' Zaaps can once again be used when there's an anomaly in the area.
  • The click zone for the stairs used to enter the paddock tower in Bonta has been reduced to leave all cells accessible in the public paddock.
  • Fixed the Bonta Suburbs tunnel leading from the Resource Marketplace to the Alchemists' Workshop.
  • Disabled the placement of prisms in certain indoor maps in the cities.
  • The paddock tower in Brakmar has moved east of the Creature Marketplace.
  • Bagrutte Inn: It is once again possible to buy beer in this inn, from Bagrutta Stonestomach.
  • The grocer in Brakmar now sells fairywork powder.
  • Combat positions are now set in advance on arena maps.
  • Some interactions during transitions or with stairs have been fixed or added to both cities.
  • Applied fixes to various NPCs in both cities.

4. Rogue

  • Imposture: The Kaboom state is now only applied if positions can be swapped; in terms of mechanics, this means the Rogue can't retrieve it before taking their wall's damage. The order of effects in the tooltip has been updated to avoid confusion, as it didn't reflect the actual order of its effects.
  • Seismobomb: This bomb's 2-cell circle displays properly when mousing over a target. The Seismobomb's Kaboom bonus is correctly a 5% bonus to final damage, and +5 to Power.
  • Crossing: The area of effect shown in the tooltip is correctly a 3-cell star, plus a 3-cell cross.
  • Crossing and Magnet: Each bomb properly gains 1 maximum Combo per turn through Crossing and Magnet.
  • The Rogue's class mechanics interface is more precise on how the Kaboom state works and the different ways to apply it.
  • The Kaboom spell's description is simpler, and it now invites you to check the Class Mechanics interface for more details.

5. Guilds

  • The recruitment interfaces are now locked in the Kolossium.
  • Fixed the issue that made it impossible to join a Kolossium fight in spectator mode via the guild interface.
  • The leader displayed in the guild members' interface is properly displayed.
  • Notification that an application has been received is now only sent to members who have permission to manage applications.
  • The image of the notification is correctly removed from the Guild tab if the player doesn't have one.

6. Other

  • Seemyool and rhineetle harnesses are properly usable.
  • The preview for ceremonial sets in the shop is properly displayed.
  • The achievement "Looking for Action" now requires you to complete 1,600 quests instead of 1,100.
  • The Boonax petsmount is now in the category "Ceremonial Petsmount".
  • Draegnerys's achievement challenges are no longer visible once validated.
  • "Corruption" monster:
    • Introducing another summon to the fight no longer applies the damage loss from Rotting Skin to existing summons.
  • "Pistilick" monster:
    • The animation of the Sporadical spell only plays once.
  • The White Rat Belt now weighs 10 pods.
  • Removed an incorrectly accessible cell on a Kolossium fight map.
  • Obsolete Black Rat and White Rat resources have been removed from Kwismas gifts.
  • A few fixes have been applied to Gobbowl cheat spells.
  • The defender can now cast "Amplification" on themself.
  • The gobbowl guide now mentions that you must not have a pet equipped when equipping the gobbowl ball.