The game servers have been updated. Here's a list of the changes made on 1/11/22:

1. Technical Changes

  • We are starting a technical migration of our servers, which will take place in several stages over the coming maintenance cycles.
    The servers affected during maintenance on 1/11 are the Kolossium servers, as well as Ombre and Crocabulia. Maintenance will take longer for the latter two servers, so they won't be available at the same time as the others.
  • Several keyboard shortcut issues have appeared for players using the latest version of macOS, Monterey. Fixing these problems requires extensive changes, which are available in the Beta client that you can find in the Ankama Launcher. This Beta client will still log you into the classic servers. 
    This version will remain in Beta while we make sure no new problems have appeared. You can find all the details here:

2. Bonta and Brakmar

  • Zaapis have been reintroduced in the cities of Bonta and Brakmar at the arena, bank, zaap, public paddock, all workshops, and all marketplaces.
  • Fixed the workshops in Bonta: removed the saw in the carvers' workshop, fixed the lumberjacks' book of crafters, and added an extra anvil to the forge.

3. Quests

  • "Catch the Spy" alignment quest: Interacting with the Brakmarian Agent will let you collect the documents. If you get stuck, going back there after the fight will also let you collect these documents.
  • "Catch the Spy" alignment quest: The secret documents are now collected at the end of the fight if the player starts the fight by talking to the Brakmarian Agent or the Spy on the Run.
  • "Call of the White City" quest: Captain Draphter no longer asks Brakmarians to go see Amayiro.
  • Fixed various actions that were available through the NPC Dike Tarak in the "Dike Tarak, the Threat" alignment quest but conflicted with the NPC Faramis.

4. Classes

  • Osamodas "Animal Tandem" spell: The spell now gives a Dodge bonus at rank 1.
  • Osamodas "Batra" spell: The spell inflicted as much damage as there were Toads that hit an enemy if the caster didn't hit that same enemy. This has been fixed.
  • Osamodas "Diagofire" (Melanic Wyrmling) and "Dragonic Inversion" (Albino Wyrmling) spells: Healing on the summoner properly decreases by half at all ranks.

5. Miscellaneous

  • The White Rat and the Black Rat properly have stats that are proportional to the number of players in the fight against Sphincter Cell.
  • Pyramid Square on Rok Island: Problems selecting the NPC Wincerind have been fixed.
  • The cost in lucky figurines of titles sold by Wa Egon has decreased:
    • The "Epiphony 652 Certificate" now costs 112 (down from 168).
    • The "Lucky-Charm Collector 652 Certificate" now costs 336 (down from 504).
    • The "Kwing for a Day 652 Certificate" now costs 672 (down from 1,008).