The game servers have been updated. Here's a list of the changes made on 3/29/22:

1. Guilds

  • Line breaks in the section "Guild Information" display correctly now.
  • Guild names now display correctly when linked in the chat window.
  • The guild master's name will correctly appear in an alliance's list of guilds when the guild master is offline.
  • Fixed certain messages that load when the player is offline (mainly related to the guild application system).

2. Evil Forest

  • The recipe for the Hell Mina Manger has been updated.
  • Added sounds that were missing for certain quest monsters in the Evil Forest.
  • The battle in the level 73 alignment quest "Making a Handle" against the Bewitched Dark Hornbeam works properly now.
  • The glimmer of hope is properly collected when the anxious Eniripsa is reassured.
  • No more than 2 mystery items per monster can be earned in the Evil Forest.

3. Combat

  • The challenges "To Each His Pwn" and "Duel" consider sidekicks to be their own players. Summons, however, remain linked to the player.
  • The challenges "Button Your Lotus" and "Spring Breeze" are no longer compatible.
  • After fighting the Giant Kralove, the player is no longer teleported to Astrub.
  • Fixed the preview of a Sram when they lose their invisibility.
  • "Last Resort": the Gravity state is properly applied by the caster.
  • "Time Rift": when affected by Time Rift, Synchro can no longer trigger its End of Time spell after suffering an unbewitchment.

4. Other

  • Damage lines will now display correctly in the smithmagic interface when the attack element changes.
  • Attack damage that switched elements due to smithmagic will appear in blue in the tooltip if the new element was already present on the weapon.
  • Players that withdraw from a Kolossium fight are no longer left out of the list of recent fighters. They will therefore have to wait before ending up against the same opponent again.
  • Zothician Set: the Strength bonus has been increased from 30 to 40.
  • Fixed certain bugs where characteristics would occasionally behave unpredictably in the game.