The game servers have been updated. Here's a list of the changes made on 4/6/22:

1. Guilds

  • Searching for a guild member in the member interface has been fixed.
  • Guild information and alliance announcements scroll correctly.

2. Classes

  • Xelor
    • Drying Up: The spell correctly inflicts damage on enemies that are not in the Telefrag state.
  • Feca
    • Backup: The spell icon has changed.
  • Huppermage
    • Manifestation: Targets that are symmetrical to one another from the Air Manifestation are correctly teleported symmetrically in relation to it.

3. Combat

  • The Lavasmith Dofus has been fixed and now works correctly.
  • Nightmare Dofus: The Dofus now works somewhat differently. The effects are now triggered only during the bearer's turn.
  • Domakuro: Bearers of a Domakuro now correctly receive the shield points granted after turn 5 by bearers of a Black-Spotted Dofus if the latter do not inflict damage during their turn.
  • Nerfed Malteregos' maximum stacks and damage.
  • The Treechnidian Protector's Clear the Undergrowth spell now reduces the duration of effects by 2 turns.
  • Traumatic Death (Wurmlord): The duration of the Erosion penalty is now 1 turn.
  • Total Impwakt (Crunchler): The duration of the MP penalty is now 1 turn.
  • Collision (Kharnotaurus): The duration of the Power penalty is now 1 turn.
  • Kharnotaurus's Nightmare: The duration of the shield is now infinite.
  • The Scurvion Toxicity pet's legendary power: The gradual decrease in area of effect has been removed.

4. Quests 

  • Beer Ritual: The mini-map disappeared in some cases when the player completed this quest. This has been fixed.
  • Operation Commando: Exoram is obtained as a follower character at the end of the fight with the Gobnoramuses.
  • Head Trip Through the Countryside: The fight with the Gobbona Sectarians will correctly validate the objective for all characters.
  • The Good Side of Evil: The number of turns between waves has increased by 1.

  • Amber Vow: During the quest's tactical battle, there was a special case where a malter was missing, which made the battle impossible to win. This has been fixed.

5. Other

  • The context menu and links in the chat had stopped working for characters with Cyrillic characters. This has been fixed.
  • Contaminated Rat: The contaminated rat can no longer be captured.
  • Fixed a display issue with the Skiing emote.