The game servers have been updated. Here's a list of the changes made on 4/12/22:

1. Classes

  • Feca
    • Reinforced Protection: The description correctly mentions that the effects cannot be unbewitched.
    • Pavise: The ranged Invulnerable state of the Pavise is correctly shown in the tooltip.
    • Manœuvre: The spell's name is spelled correctly.
    • Aegis: The tooltip now indicates the Aegis spell's glyph placement and its effect.
    • Aegis: The preview shows the size of the glyph correctly.
    • The animations for the following spells have been slightly modified: Dazzling, Swelling, Ataraxia, Inertia

2. Evil Forest

  • Gregarious Malterego: Fixed "Mallergy" spell and nerfed "Maloforit" and "Malinger" spells

3. Quests

  • "Operation Commando" alignment quest: The quest fight now has the player fighting quest monsters.

4. Other

  • Fight vs. the Four Horsemen:
    • The death of the Primordial Fire ends the fight.
    • The Martalo NPC has been reactivated.
  • In fights, disconnections sometimes occurred when mousing over a challenge that was no longer available. This has been fixed.