The game servers have been updated. Here's a list of the changes made on 4/19/22:

1. Guilds

  • The offline notification for a guild application is no longer always shown to players. If the application is no longer relevant (say, it's being processed by another player or has been rejected), players with recruitment privileges will no longer get a notification about it.
  • It is once again possible to apply to a guild from the guild details interface.
  • Fixed a bug that made it possible to create an unnamed guild rank.
  • A warning message would incorrectly appear if you adjusted recruitment settings right after creating a guild. This has been fixed.

2. Evil Forest

  • Malteregos now have the Invulnerable state when summoned, and it goes away at the start of their turn.
  • Mappetising Trap now hits enemies and allies.
  • The almanax bonus for May 4 is now 150% on all monsters in the goblin family and any related archmonsters.

3. Fleaster

  • Fleestofura:
    • The lollipop used to have the same name as the pet. The lollipop is now called "Ephemeral Fleestofura" so the two are easier to tell apart.

    • Consuming the lollipop now provides the follower pet.

    • It no longer consumes coupons when you get the lollipop.

  • The NPC Waldy's appearance has returned.

4. Classes

  • Sram: Evasion
    • The spell correctly applies the Unlockable state to the targeted ally in every situation.
    • The tooltip correctly shows the duration of a turn with pushback triggered.

5. Other

  • Characteristics no longer have a display limit. This particularly applies to the Well of Infinite Dreams, where characteristics over 30,000 points previously weren't displayed.
  • The Dice emote wasn't playing correctly with certain character orientations. This has been fixed.