The game servers have been updated. Here's a list of the changes made on 4/26/22:

1. Combat

  • The fight against the treasure hunt chests has been changed.
  • Two of the Catseye's spells have been changed:
    • Prank and Catch: The Gravity state that prohibited casting has been removed, but forced teleportation is no longer cast on a target in the Gravity state. This will give the Catseye greater mobility (though not full freedom of movement) and allow it to use its 2 damage spells every turn instead of just 1.
    • Catseye gameplay: The Lock penalty that was added in 2.63 has been reduced to 50 (down from 100), and it now only lasts 5 turns (but is still infinitely stackable).
  • Cucumbombagogo challenge: The challenge fails if the kwapa isn't killed with a cucumbomb.

2. Quests

  • It is no longer possible to give Amayiro 10 Twiggy Swords if you are already aligned with Bonta. If you lost your alignment because of this bug, please contact Support to restore your status.
  • Time Theft: Fixed the appearance of 4 husparks and added animations.
  • Chocomagic vs Chocomancy: Objectives related to a specific level bracket are automatically validated at the same time to prevent any issues if your level bracket changes before the end of the quest.
  • Where There's Smoke…: Dark Vlad's Fire properly casts the Whitewash spell.
  • Sleeping Beasty: The ballista does summon something, and its summon properly performs healing.
  • Stroll in Ecaflipus; Don't Judge a Book by Its Cover: Some players lost their progress on these quests following previous updates and thus became stuck. If this happened to you, simply return to the combat maps to confirm the quest steps and continue your adventure.

3. Other

  • The marketplace price will correctly update, and it is once again possible to continuously buy batches.
  • Walnuts may now drop from certain bworks.
  • The resources provided by the goblin monster achievement have been changed to match the new resources for this family (an example of each).