The game servers have been updated. Here's a list of the changes made on 5/17/22:

1. Other

  • The in-game Combine Harvester event will be active for 2 weeks. Find Goblaud in front of the vigilante base and get ready to collect as many tingies as you can. You can find all the details about this event in the news article here.

2. Combat

  • Iop: Massacre
    • The spell still had a starting rebound. It will now become final, and the rebound has increased: 50 -> 75%
  • The damage penalties applied to players have been removed for Oaf idols and Horizes; these have been replaced by damage bonuses triggered by monsters.

3. Interface

  • In advance of certain gifts and purchases expiring soon, the interfaces used to distribute pending gifts have been updated to mention what items are going to expire.
    Find out more by reading this news article.