The game servers have been updated. Here's a list of the changes made on 5/24/22:

1. Combine Harvester

  • If a room has more than one boss, the d'vine tingy will only be dropped by the highest level boss (Rainbow Blop, Lemon Jelly, Minotot, Sphincter Cell, Fuji Snowfoux, Misery, or Count Harebourg).
  • Changed the number of d'vine tingies that can be collected to be based on the player's level bracket.

2. Spells

  • The Eliotrope's Diffusion spell properly reflects final damage taken instead of initial damage. Also, max stacking of the spell's effects is now set to 1. Offsetting this, the amount reflected has increased to 50%.

3. Idols

  • As a result of the change applied to the Oaf and Horiz idols, their damage bonuses have been reduced to bring them closer to the previous system.
  • To make sure the other damage-increasing idols properly interact with the Oaf and Horiz idols, their damage bonuses have become ranged AND close-combat damage bonuses instead of simply final damage. The affected idols are: Dakid, Yosh, Behelit, Dagob, Sak, Djim, and Boble.
  • The following monsters are no longer compatible with the Oaf and Horiz idols: Rugrat, Packrat, Gourlo the Terrible, Gargantula, Lone Gargantula, Baby Gargantula, Count Harebourg, Bartyclank, Barbakle, Legendary Crackler, Steamcrab Scout, Maho Snowfoux, Starven, Cannicodyl, Rampant Bearbarian, Kabaal, and the Possessed.
  • The Critus idol's critical hit bonus has been reduced to 50 (down from 100).
  • Idols' damage bonuses are now displayed in the list of bewitchments instead of the combat chat.

4. Other

  • Quest "Nightmare on Elm Boulevard": The NPC Halden once again lets you return to the nightmarish clearing to battle Kru'Gor.

  • In some cases, the wanted monster wasn't obtained as a follower character at the end of combat. This has been fixed.