The game servers have been updated. Here is a list of the changes made on 7/19/22:


1. Classic Servers

  • The gobbowl ball can only be used on gobbowl fields.
  • Corruption Pestilence works properly now. The description has been improved to specify how the legendary effect works: "When the caster returns to full health via healing or health steal, applies a start-of-turn poison in their best element on units up to 2 cells away. The poison lasts 2 turns, cannot be unbewitched, and can be stacked only 1 time."
    • Walking Bomb:

      • The Walking Bomb properly copies the XV state of Elemental Bombs.
      • Modified the animation of the walking bomb when replaced by another bomb.
    • Weigh Down:
      • The Weigh Down spell is partially functional. That is, it doesn't work if only 2 bombs are aligned. We are actively trying to fix this.
      • The spread of the animation has been changed.
      • The first Bomb hit gains 1 Combo, whether or not it is aligned with another Bomb.
      • The trail correctly appears now.
  • Fixed a visual issue on the context menu for sharing an alteration in the chat.

2. Temporis Servers

  • Summons that inherit the player's stats are now subject to the same restrictions on AP/MP/Range limits as the player.
  • Crafting mutagens no longer requires lower-third mutagens.
  • The recipe for hormones requires fewer mutagens now.
  • In some cases, some guild journal activities were overwritten. This has been fixed.
  • Fixed Tekilarva's name and visual in the collection interface.
  • Third-wave achievements validate properly in the Crimson Dawn Nightmare and Gob Akademy dungeons.
  • In the spell interface, erasing a search now resets the search.
  • When the collection interface was opened with the achievement interface kept open, no modsters were shown. This has been fixed.

3. Temporis Classes

    • Exaltation bonuses are correct at level 190.

4. Temporis Modsters

    • Spineshell:
      • How it works has changed:
        • Removes AP from enemies in an area of effect.
        • For 1 turn, removes AP from enemies if they suffer Water damage.
    • Bumblesting:
      • The effects are properly applied.
    • Mutation:
      • Max. stacking is now 1.
    • Primer:
      • The spell properly increases damage done by Primer and Popgun.