The game servers have been updated. Here's a list of the changes made on 7/26/22:


1. Classic Servers

  • The following bosses have been fixed and are now running as they did before the update.

    • Captain Scarlight
    • Bethel Akarna
    • Dantinea
    • Vortex
    • Weigh Down: the spell now works in all situations

2. Temporis Servers

  • It is now possible to consume a croquette in the preparation phase
  • Changes have been made to Player vs. Player fights:

    • damage taken by players is reduced by 75%

    • damage taken by Modsters is reduced by 25%

  • The visuals for Sheyeld, Pleyeting and Pitburry are now correct in the collection interface
  • The Fuji Snowfoux wanted notice can be captured if the player fights him in the Ephemeral Dimension

3. Temporis Classes

    • Stampede:
      • The spell switches to 2 uses per turn instead of having a fixed 2-turn cooldown period.
    • Coward and Intrepid Masks:
      • The caster correctly acquires the mask bonuses.
    • Treefication (passive):
      • It is no longer possible to unbewitch the Sadida's passive.

4. Temporis Modsters

  • Chestnut (Herbarkeous) and Transfusion (Vampirouette): the poison cannot accumulate more than 2 times and can only be triggered 3 times per turn. There are no longer any damage differences between a normal hit and a critical hit on poison.