The game servers have been updated. Here's a list of the changes made on 8/9/22:

1. Classic Servers

  • Vulkania: The following changes have been made:

    • Draguisla Bonita: The Vulkanian chest has been replaced with a Draguisla Bonita chest, which only contains the ceremonial pieces.
    • The following corktails are available as loot from Draguisla Bonita, but they can also be purchased from Jennifer Engie or Clare Bonnet (after completing the Draguisla Tortilla achievement:
      • Tehlayshop Corktail
      • Tehlaytubiez Corktail
      • Daonlohdabl Corktail
      • Tehlaython Corktail
    • The other 3 corktails are only available from Jennifer Engie and Clare Bonnet:
    • Draguisla Bonita can now be found in all 4 zones of the island at the same time, and you no longer have to wait until her current fight is over for her to respawn.

2. Temporis Servers

  • It is now possible to initiate 4v4 combat and prism defense.