The game servers have been updated. Here's a list of the changes made on 8/16/22:

Classic Servers

  • In the alterations tooltip, there was no distinction between "Fights remaining", "Wins remaining", and "Losses remaining" in terms of duration (it was always referred to as "Fights remaining"). This distinction is now made.
  • Vulkania: Draguisla Bonita (world boss)
    • In the chat, the line stating that the boss has been unlocked no longer appears.
    • The Time Flies challenge is no longer compatible with this monster.
  • The Portation Corktail, Ensafalon Corktail, Sludgepuppy Corktail, and Emachus Corktail are now part of the Drink category.
  • The Almanax bonuses related to temporal anomalies are working now.
  • The transition when leaving Al Howin's Vegetable Patch is working now.

Temporis Servers

  • In PvP, a Modster's turn is now 15 seconds of game time. The player's turn is now 25 seconds.
  • Roboxer
    • Shackling
      • Max. effect stacking: 1
      • Max. effect activation: 3