A bug fix was applied during maintenance on September 28, 2023. Here is a list of the changes:



  • The AP cost of ultimate spells has been reduced by 1 per turn between turn 5 and turn 7.
    • Scaphander: The Power bonus is now applied in a cross shape and not on the central cell.
    • Foggernauts' Modsters now have an underwater appearance under Maxturretization.
  • SRAM
    • Passive: The power gain has been fixed.
    • Drift Trap: A bug that allowed Srams' Modsters to be permanently invisible has been fixed.
    • Passive:
      • Fixed a bug that was adding 30% final damage to the target that reflects damage.

      • Reflection area: 1-cell square --> 2-cell empty-center circle.
      • Fixed a bug that made all players benefit from the combat of the Forgelance passive.
    • Whip: Fixed a bug that was preventing symmetrical teleportation in relation to the target if the cell is occupied.


  • The Vitality of Modsters in the "Bworks Camp" area has been fixed.
  • Crocodang
    • Crocodamage:
      • The overall cooldown period is now fixed for Crocodangs summoned after the spell has been cast.
      • Corrected the overall cooldown set when summoned if another Crocodang has cast the spell before (2 turns if it's on the same turn, 1 turn if it's on the following turn)
  • Tarantumacallit & Taranthrax:
    • Tarentamination: The states are correctly removed when poisons are prematurely triggered by the spells Arachnomorpha and Chelicerae.
    • Arachnomorpha & Chelicerae: Damage inflicted by triggering poisons correctly benefits from the penalties to resistances applied by the spells Poisonbite, Venombite, Poisonsting and Venomsting.
    • Chelicerae: 1 use per turn -> cooldown period (and overall) 2 / 2 / 1
  • Poisoneon:
    • Collagen: The area-of-effect preview has been fixed.


  • Arena masters no longer display the wrong dialog after acquiring a Spiritite.
  • It is now possible to show freshly captured Modsters on Incarnam to Profess Orrelm in the Ephemeral Dimension.


  • Certain NPCs were not showing up in the game. This issue has been fixed.
  • The Pioneer Croquette has been re-enabled.
  • The Insatiaboar recipe correctly requires a Piwiesque Hormone.



  • SRAM:
    • Disabled spells have been re-enabled.
    • Certain spells were no longer visible/usable. This issue has now been fixed.


  • The "Brakmar Passage" maps now work correctly.
  • The NPC "Abrazelon Sixgriffe" on the map (2,-15) is now correctly present on the classic servers.
  • The steles in the quest to acquire the spell "Summons Skill" now work correctly.