A bug fix was applied during maintenance on October 24, 2023. Here is a list of the changes:


Al Howin

  • This zone is now accessible.
  • Malice:
    • The damage preview issues have been fixed.
    • When damage is inflicted on an ally, there will always be another ally who loses the Invulnerable state and another who gains the state.


  • Batofu (Special): Killing a monster without being in line makes the challenge fail.
  • Moowolf (Special): Finishing off an enemy with a 4th attack makes the challenge fail.
  • Kanigrula (Special): Finishing off a monster with a single ranged attack properly makes the challenge fail.
  • Golden Scarabugly (Special): Finishing off an enemy summon in one attack makes the challenge fail.
  • Lady of the Water Nagate (Special): Finishing off a Cucumbomb in a single attack makes the challenge fail.
  • Kwakwa (Special): Finishing off a monster with pushback damage makes the challenge fail.
  • Hanshi and Shihan (Special): Finishing off a disciple of Wukin at long range or a disciple of Wukang in close combat makes the challenge fail.
  • Batofu (Special): The challenge no longer fails if a monster is attacked more than 10 times.
  • Mantiscore (Special): Killing Mantiscore at long range causes the challenge to fail.
  • Challenge "Memory of an Element": The challenge properly fails if the conditions aren't met when a monster dies.
  • Challenge "Close Combat": The challenge properly fails if a monster is finished off with a single ranged attack.
  • Challenge "Fighting Blind": Finishing off a Jiangshi-Nobi in close combat without having attacked this enemy from long range at least once will make the challenge fail.



    • The Forgelance's passive is deactivated against Vigichests in Treasure Hunts.


  • Kroma Reinscorchnate:
    • Fixed a bug that made it impossible to shield invisible allies.
  • Mutabbit, Ultrabbit, and Hydragon:
    • After being resurrected, the modsters keep their passive.
  • Hydragon:
    • Hydraid: Effect stacking is no longer incorrectly capped.


  • Profess Oroaksam:
    • The modsters now attack properly.
  • Sta Nokeo: 
    • The Sweetapir consumable properly gives Sweetapir on Temporis as well as the classic servers.
    • The Gustiful ceremonial pet now has the right condition of purchase.
  • Agent Jonsey:
    • This NPC sells the Forgelance Elixir.