Krosmaster Arena

The first expansion shared between DOFUS and WAKFU has finally arrived. Take control of a team of Krosmaster figurines and confront other players. Drop new figurines in both games, complete your collection, and fight your way to the top of the ranking! Master strategic turn-based fighting and become a champion of Krosmaster!


Beginners or veterans, explorer or perfectionist, collector or fighter, all types of players will find something to enjoy in the Achievement system. Achievements are many things: indicators of a character's progress, goals, challenges for the bravest players, and an alternative progress solution for everyone. Show off your success; earn kamas, experience, and resources; and wear bold new titles and ornaments as you complete your achievements to-do list.

Character Personalization

A new customization option has been born! Now in addition to choosing your character's colors, you can also choose amongst eight new faces for each class. All existing characters will receive one free face change when version 2.9 is available. After that free change, characters who would like to change their look can do so using a new Ogrines service.

Titles and Ornaments

The function of character titles has been revised and now it is no longer necessary to wear a specific item to display a title below your character name. You only need to have item in your inventory and select the title in the new inventory created just for this purpose. This interface is also home to a new customization option: ornaments! Along with alignment wings, you will be able to choose decorations for your character name with ornaments won by unlocking achievements.

New Equipment

The 2.9 update rings in the arrival of 24 new equipment items intended for the highest-leveled players. This equipment is divided into 7 sets of 3 items each, plus 3 independent items. These sets encourage players to weigh the value of their specialized and highly powerful bonuses in specific characteristics against the balancing penalties in other stats. These items should help support players who are interested in dual-element builds, tanking, new modes of gameplay, or more equipment flexibility.

Resources Maturity System

Starting with this update, the star system that is already in use for groups of monsters will also apply to harvestable resources. The longer a resource goes without being harvested the more stars it will gain. And the more stars a resource has, the more profession experience and items will be dropped by the harvester. With this system, we are encouraging profession-users to try more exploration of the World of Twelve rather than concentrating on a single area.

Average Price Display

To help you calculate your wealth more easily and give a lift to those who struggle to follow the ever-changing prices of items in the markets, you will now be able to see the average price of your items directly from your inventory (not only your character's inventory, but also your bank, chests, etc.). Simply hover over an item to view its average price, which is calculated by purchases made in sellrooms and merchant mode.