A new area: the Abyssal Base

Explore all levels of the mysterious Abyssal Base, discovered during the most recent archaeological excavations in Sufokia! Forget that peaceful visit to the museum, here it's terrifying monsters that greet you, and they are alive: Krabouilleur, Pikoleur, Eskoglyphe or Cyclophandre, they will be pleased to hit you. To easily move in this area, lifts are available. But be careful! To use them, you will have to defeat the two mini-bosses that stand in your way: Kralab Rah and Bosko Tho.

Merkator, a new boss

In the Abyssal Base, you will have the opportunity to enter the Aquadome to face Merkator. This new boss destined for level 200 players is not a delicate pearl, but rather a well-oiled machine. You need to equip yourself with patience, strength and courage, if you hope to dismantle him.

New AvA rewards

Update 2.16 offers a lot of new features for the AVA system! Now, alliance prisms will generate nuggets that will be used to buy new rewards, such as emotes or even petsmounts. But be careful, as in order to get its nuggets, one must win a KOTH battle, whether you are an attacker or defender ...

Changes to the breeding system

Our dragoturkey breeding friends will be affected by this update, as new breeding items can now be crafted ​​from boss resources. In addition, the energy level is now a fixed value and will also have an impact on the outcome of breeding. Fans of recycling will be glad to learn that it will be possible to exchange five used up breeding items of the same type for a brand new item! And finally, what you've all been waiting for these: sixty new paddocks will be added!

But that's not all…

This update also offers three new sets of three objects each, aswell as a hammer (not linked to a set): Hammer of the Ancient Foggers! A new emote will be available in the Abyssal Base, but we will let you discover how to get it. And finally, we've added new achievements and new harvesting spots for miners, fishermen, and alchemists!