Explore another dimension

The rift that appeared in Amakna Forest has opened up a vortex leading straight to the Lost Dimension, Shadow's lair, the domain of the original fallen Multiman! Battle against his minions, the Obscuranti, and fight your way to his den, the Shadow Pyramid, where you may try to enlighten him.

Quest for the Emerald Dofus

The bonus and the means of acquiring the famous Emerald Dofus have finally been modified! Launch yourselves into a long and fascinating quest that will pit you against illustrious heros, from the Cania Bandits to Dark Vlad himself... And at the end of the road, claim of the most coveted artefacts in the World of Twelve as your own!

Join the Krosmoz Vigilantes

Captain Amakna and the Krosmoz Vigilantes have established their headquarters under the Milicluster Kanojedo. They have new quests for you to discover and they need your help to transform Super-Villains in mere Poutchs!

Update your wardrobe

We haven't forgotten the fashion concious: 5 new three-items sets are just waiting to be crafted!

The Lost set (lvl. 197), the Shadow set (lvl. 198) and the Father Whupper set (lvl. 199) will please the more
experienced players, while the Violet Arrow set (lvl. 110)
and the Veg Antilleze set (lvl. 42) will please everyone else.

Beside the sets, a new cloak also appears: the Vigilante Cape!

Say "bye-bye" to cluttered inventories

A new user interface feature allows you to easily discover what items you can craft using the resources available in your inventory, your bank, or your house chests.

Respawn of Wanted Poster monsters

The respawn system for wanted monsters has been improved. From now on, whenever a wanted monster is killed by a group of characters who do not have that monster's Wanted quest active, this monster will immediately respawn on another map in that area! No more wasting wanted men!

Massive emigration in Conquest Villages

Monsters exclusives to some Conquest Villages
will cross the borders and invade new
areas near their historic homes. Dopples can now be fought in the Dopple Mine,
Lab Wabbits can be fought in abandoned galleries and Zoths have made their home in the Canopy Village. Some of those monsters still stayed inside the Conquest Villages.


Some Ecaflip spells have been reworked for this update in order to revalue their role as healers as have a few Sram spells in order to boost interest in using traps. The formula for pushback damage has been adjusted, accompanied by some class spell changes to reflect the adjustments in this formula.