Join Nova in the Treasure Chest where a new mission awaits: an old friend has gone missing, and she's relying on you to find where, so go to Sufokia! Launch yourselves in an investigation rich in revelations that will drive you to the most secretive places in the Sunken City.

Legendary Treasure Hunts

Three new Legendary Treasure Hunts are added to the planning table in the Treasure Chest. Gather the pieces of Brumen's, Panthyrozy's, and Scampihorse's maps and seek these outlaws and their treasures.
Each of these new legendary treasure hunts will also allow you to put your hands on a new unique resource, required to craft 3 new sets. Warm up your workbenches and get ready to craft the Palliative Set, the Thief Set, and the Deep Sea Set.


The Divine Dimension dungeons have been balanced in order to decrease their difficulty, as the number of turns between each different waves of monsters has been increased.