New Turquoise Dofus Quest

The quest for the Turquoise Dofus is available as of September 1. Get ready to face a horde of bloodthirsty monsters and show everyone your bravery.

Moon Island

Face the mighty monkey Moon on his island home and test your shield against the strength of his hammer.

Softcap Standarization

As discussed in the Devblog, we've improved the softcaps of nearly every class to make it more rewarding for players to follow any elemental (or multi-elemental) path they like. A few classes have had their spell damage adjusted accordingly.
For more information, read the Devblog.

Resources and Consumables

After extensive feedback from the community post-2.29, we've made numerous adjustments to profession recipes and resources.
You can read all about the details on the Devblog.

Nuggets and Recycling

In 2.30, we're introducing a new mechanism to generate nuggets. This new system will guarentee that low-level resources will always have at least some value, and will offer a new options to Alliances.

The Devblog has all of the in-depth details, read it here.