Legendary treasure hunts and sets:

  • 5 new legendary treasure hunts have been added:
    • Zatoishwan (150)
    • Anatak Goldisk (160)
    • Warrior of KOs (180)
    • Voldelor (200)
    • King Kongoku (200)
  • These allow players to gather the resources to craft 5 new sets:
    • Kongoku Set
    • Voldelor Set
    • Warrior of KOs Set
    • Zatoishwan Set
    • Celestial Swashbuckler Set

Smithmagic and rune generation:

  • A Devblog article on rune generation modifications is available at this address: Click here
  • The rune generation formula has been modified, and broken items will generate more runes from now on. This increase is greater for lower level and medium level items whose destruction we wanted to upgrade in order to simplify rune generation in a more selective manner.
  • Breaking items no longer generates Pa and Ra runes, which can now only be created via crafting. This change was necessary because rune generation has now increased significantly.
  • Runes can now be recycled to obtain nuggets.


  • The level of the Kanniball Mask is changing from 40 to 50; there is now a recipe for it and its effects have been modified.


  • Fecaflip boots can no longer be bought from Charlotte.
  • The Bouquet of Demonic Roses can no longer be bought from the Priest NPC. It can be crafted from now on, and its effects have been modified.