Haven Bags

This is a new, personal space that each player can enjoy for free as soon as their character hits level 10, and that can be decorated at will.

You can access from almost anywhere in the World of Twelve, anytime, via the game interface: invite in as many players as you wish for friendly gatherings!

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Alignment quests

Alignment quests 61 to 70 have been improved and are now available again: players level 150 and up, adventure beacons!

And don't just stop there; quests 71 to 80 have been added, and are aimed towards players level 170 and up.

Bontarians, Brakmarians, time has come to bring honor and glory to your city!


Improved state display during fights

It will now be easier to tell what's going on during fights thanks to a new system that displays the active states without having to hover over them or check the effects list. This should make breaking skulls easier!

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World map search feature

All the difficulties of looking for a monster or resource in the vast World of Twelve are behind you now: thanks to the new text search feature on the map, you can easily aim for the area where you'll be able to reach your goal more easily.

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Huppermage class

A seventeenth class unveils itself in the Krosmoz: the Huppermages!

Currently in Beta, the class will be available in-game starting January 9th, 2016. You can check out their gameplay right now by reading the related Devblog article!