The realm of Ecaflip’s Sons, a spiritual place where immortal souls can be reborn. If you dream of rising above the masses, it’s the perfect place! They say that if fortune favors you, you might get the chance of a second life, granted by the Big Tease himself.

  • Explore 3 new dungeons: Colousses's Meowsoleum (level 110), Ush Plateau (level 160), and the Catseye Challenge (level 200).
  • Face 3 monster families: Ecaflees (level 110), Weremoggies (level 160), and the Great Game family (level 200).
  • Challenge 3 bosses: Colousse (Ecaflees), Ush Galesh (Weremoggies) and Catseye (Great Game).
  • Get 9 sets: King of Clubs Set (level 200), Queen of Hearts Set (level 200), Catseye Set (level 200), Jammy Jack Set (level 200), Atcham Set (level 200), plus the Ecaflees Set (level 114), Colousse Set (level 118), Weremoggies Set (level 162), and Ush Set (level 165).

There's even more to learn about this dimension, explore it all for yourself in the game!

Multi-cell Haven Bag Items

New items have been added to all Haven Bag themes that cover multiple cells. These large, stylish items are a new focal point for your bag's decore!

Interface updates and Ergonomics

Many interfaces have been updated and beautified for a more immersive and ergonomic experience for new players, while maintaining functionality for our veterans.