The Sufokian Abyss

Dive below the surface of this underwater expansion and find 3 brand new dungeons, each populated with their own new family of monsters. Aimed at characters level 190 and over, you will need to use all of your fighting ability in this new area if you don't intend to finish your days as Tritun food...

Three depth levels are within your grasp and begging to be explored; new quests, wanted posters to catch, hidden treasure, and even very particular monsters to hunt and kill.

Lastly, meet Seemyool, a new breed of underwater mount that only wants to be tamed; not unlike Dragoturkeys, you'll be able to catch them, breed them, and make them grow in order to unlock new characteristics.


A new way to customize your mounts is here; harnesses are equipped to your Dragoturkey or Seemyool and customize their appearance without altering their original characteristics. Let your style be heard!

Experience rebalancing

The amount of experience needed to go from level 199 to level 200 is halved; you can find more information about that in the appropriate Devblog article.