Osamodas revamp

Thanks to an in-depth revamp of the class, a brand new gameplay mechanic awaits the Osamodas. Their ability to fusion with summons lets them (among other things) create new entities, each associated with an elemental path, and thus exploiting to their fullest Fire, Air, and Earth.
One of the major requests from the summoners is also implemented: thanks to a special spell, the Osamodas is now able to assume control of a summon for one turn.

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Cania revamp

The talent of the graphical teams has been challenged yet again: enter new monster families based on Bworks, Boars and Trools, as well as new maps, updated by our team of seasoned level designers. The result? A vast landscape, yours to explore (again)!

Graphic revamp and 16:9

With Update 2.36, the level designers are increasing your perspective; from now on, your client launches automatically in the 16:9 aspect ratio in order to offer an even more immersive gaming experience.

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Interface revamp - part 1

Little bit of something new from the interfaces: all of them have been graphically redone in order to offer a more user-friendly experience. Thanks to your precious contribution to the project in the DOFUS Lab, said project was able to progress in the right direction and you can now make use of better, more modern and ergonomic interfaces.
Nonetheless, the work is far from being done and the new interfaces will keep being reconstructed in the coming months thanks to you and your expert use!

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Incarnam modification

The level designers have spent some time on a few graphical enhancements in Incarnam as well. Most notably, go check out the new starry Krosmoz background that drapes the dimension of beginners with the utmost elegance!

Available in-game Tuesday, September 20th