Ohwymi - Chapter II

The second installment of the Ohwymi saga, the desert-themed expansion, is unveiled in this Update, and asks you to continue your adventure in its land, arid and full of sand as it is.

Meant for adventurers level 170 to 200, the area offers two new monster families, their respective Wanted poster, and two brand new dungeons, namely the Gorge of Howling Winds and the Cursed Pyramid. Parallel to that, you have new equipments and sets to discover, and new Achievements and rewards to unlock!

Numerous dangers await, if you are brave enough to rise up to the challenge...


Sacrier Revamp

On the other side of the World of Twelve, Sacriers are made privy to new game mechanics, meant to reinforce their roles as tankers, damage dealers, and positioners.
Parallel to that, three new Punishments are making they're grand entrance: the Voyager's Punishment, the Flayed Man's Punishment, and the Survivor's Punishment.
Three elemental paths have also been reworked: Air, Fire, and Water; spells have been redone so that each path could have a full panel of spells.

For more detail, please find the explanations behind the new game design in the dedicated Devblog article.