This island, rich with the glory of nature, is a pristine animal reserve tended by Mishell, the daughter of Osamodas. Mishell cares for all of the fauna on the island with such dedication and sweetness that even the carnivores have given up eating their fellow critters. 

Unfortunately, poachers are not so easily tamed, and recently, an entire poaching enterprise has set up camp on Nimaltopia. Mishell is calling on adventurers level 180 or higher to come rid her paradise of these environmental wrecking crews!

Shield Revamp

Shields were originally created as a feature for PvP combat, but with the face of PvP changing, thanks to the Kolossium and Alliances, we’ve decided to make them useful for a wider array of players. 

This update, we will remove all PvP-only bonuses from shields and replace them with bonuses that will be useful in all types of combat. Some shields will have large bonuses that are balanced with significant debuffs and some will have new effects that could greatly impact how certain characters are played. It will also be possible to use smithmagic to modify the stats of shields. 

For more information on these changes, please visit the devblog and read all about it.

Kolossium 1v1

We have created a new mode for the Kolossium system that will allow players to find 1v1 fights anywhere, any time!

Yes, it’s thanks to the interserver Kolossium system that we can finally offer this new combat mode, as we are now confident that there will be enough demand to support both 1v1 and 3v3 battles. This new mode includes a new ranking system that will allow us to track overall wins class-by-class, so if one class has a particular strength against another class, we can search for balanced fights that will offer a challenge for the stronger class and an equal chance for the weaker class.

For more information on this new game mode, please visit the devblog and read all about it.

Quest Tracking

Last but not least, to keep track of your all your quests and, more importantly, your quest objectives, we've added a new feature: the Quest Tracking interface!

Using this interface, you'll easily be able to track the progress of your ongoing quests and their objectives!

For more information on this new feature, please visit the devblog and read all about it.