Sidimote Revamp

The look, feel, arrangement, level, and content of Sidimote have been completely reworked with Update 2.42. New monster families are making their grand entrance, as well as two new Dungeons, the Magik Riktus Big Top (level 90), and Forfut Manor (level 200). The bravest of explorers will be able to roam more than 600 maps, entirely redone from floor to roof, giving you a more coherent and immersive area. 

Balancing the End Game content

No less than 17 endgame dungeons have been modified for this Update, their difficulty scaled down, the possibility for you to understand how to beat them scaled up. But beware! Don't expect the most difficult dungeons to suddenly become a walk in the park!

These modifications offer those of you who hit a brick/mortar/stone/steel/ice/moss/tree bark (delete as appropriate) wall within these dungeons a chance to approach these challenges in a new, slightly more serene way.

For more information about that, a dedicated Devblog is available here for your reading pleasure.