The quest for the Ivory Dofus

The 5th Primordial Dofus is joining the fray. Meriana the witch is awaiting the adventurers who are sufficiently experienced (character level 180 minimum) to tell them about the Ivory Dofus. The road will be long and arduous, but each trial you overcome during your journey will contribute to prove to Dardondakal that you are a fit guardian for his precious Dofus. The new series of quests that will allow you to get your hands on the Ivory Dofus will require you to have finished other series of quests in order to get all the way to the end.

Alignment Quests

The 2.43 Update also sees the release of the alignment quests 91 to 100 for Bonta and Brakmar, thereby finishing these series. They are aimed at characters level 190 and more, and come complete with new quests that will allow you to reach the highest rank in the Orders of both cities. Ten new wanted posters, as well as new titles, ornaments, and sets are waiting for you.

Ilyzaelle and the barracks of the Day Without End


A new area is available on Frigost island, starting at the foot of Count Harebourg's castle walls. These are the old summer living quarters of the Count Harebourg, annexed by the Day Without End guard. It is infested with Soul-Blazes, monsters that escaped Externam via a fault between the worlds. A new dungeon aimed at characters level 190-200 is available in this area: Ilyzaelle's Lookout. Ilyzaelle is a guardian of the light tasked with controlling the Soul-Blazes that live within this area. You will be able to craft two new sets as well as 4 new weapons using the resources from this dungeon.