Astrub redesign

The mercenary city of Astrub has undergone an extreme makeover! The destruction of the class statues has given rise to the creation of the Divine Temple, which welcomes all young souls coming from Incarnam, whatever their affiliation.

The Old Town is more urban and includes all the frequently visited elements: the Militia Tower, the Bank, the Sellrooms, Zaap etc.
The suburbs, on the city outskirts, host the workshops and other points of interest.

The monsters in Astrub and its surroundings are rebalanced. A new monster family can be found in the brand new Astrub's Quarry: the Rotceres. It is rumoured that they would build something incredible in the depths of the earth ... but no one really knows what.

The limits of the area reserved for non-subscribed players have been slightly pushed back, allowing them to now access Tainela, Astrub’s Rocky Inlet and Cemetery.

Improvement to harvesting professions

The progression for harvesting professions is improved by doubling the experience gained during the harvests, to accelerate access to a larger number of harvestable resources.

The probability of obtaining resources from monsters has been increased (mainly at low and medium level), in order to reduce the number of fights needed to make a piece of equipment.

Merger of the Marketplaces

The marketplaces are merged and classified into 3 categories: resources / consumables / equipment.

Object Encyclopedia

To facilitate access to information that until now was only visible on our website, the encyclopedia makes its way ingame.

In addition to the bestiary, you will find new tabs: equipment, consumables and resources.

New filters will allow you to refine your search, making it more dynamic.

Ensemble creation

Ensemble pages replace the custom set system so that it not only takes equipment into account, but also characteristic points and spell variants.

Unlimited magical orb included in the subscription

So that you can fully enjoy (with total freedom) your new set pages, you can now change your characteristic points unlimitedly and at no additional cost!