The Stubbyobs of the Freezammer Clan

The Stubbyobs of the Freezammer Clan are now on Dofus! Set sail now towards Frigost and meet this tempered clan. It is a new area  with a new family of monsters, a dungeon, quests, achievements, and sets.

Breeding Changes

This update is bringing forward important changes to the mount breeding system (which you can read more details about in this devblog). Here is a summary:
  • Pooling sheds on an account level
  • Number of public paddocks has been reduced, and players must use their own breeding items
  • Breeding item recipes have been reviewed and balanced
  • Characteristic scrolls are exclusive to dragoturkeys (no longer obtainable via dopploons)
  • Mount bonuses have also been reviewed: Dragoturkeys give a vitality bonus, while Seemyools give an MP bonus. We will leave it up to you to discover the bonus given by the new mount species. 

A new mount

A new mount species can now be captured and bred: Rhineetles
They are extremely rare and, just like Seemyools, they have very specific capturing mechanics. There are breeding-related achievements linked to this new mount. 
What is also new, is that these mounts is also a resource needed to craft equipment.