Principal content: The Stubbyobs of the Freezammer Clan

The Stubbyobs of the Freezammer Clan are now on Dofus! Adventurers who want to take them on will have to defeat the Korriander first. They'll have to find a way to open the gate to Coldiron so that they can then explore the Kingdom of Freezammer and King Dazahk's Brewery. Note that certain quests relating to the Stubbyobs will require you to have access to Count Harebourg's Castle.

This new area gives you access to a dungeon, quests, Achievements, and sets.

Breeding and new species of mount

  • You can now capture and breed a new species of mount known as Rhineetles.
  • A number of changes to the breeding system are explained in detail in this Devblog article:
  • The stable in public paddocks is now shared by all characters for an account on a given server (as with the character bank, for example).
    • The maximum number of slots in each stable remains the same: 250.
    • A character's mounts are pooled when the character connects: it will not be possible to access that character’s mounts until you have connected with it at least once after the update.
    • If the number of mounts in the stable exceeds 250 when the mounts are pooled, you will not be able to add mounts to the stable until this number drops back below 250.
  • Changes have been made in how the public paddocks work:
    • You can now add your own breeding items, which will be shared by all characters for an account and will work at 80% effectiveness (as compared to private paddocks).
    • By default, public paddocks do not contain any items.
    • Mounts in the paddock are shared by all characters for an account.
    • The public paddock in Bonta now has 10 slots, the one in Brakmar has 10 slots, and the one in Astrub has 5 slots.
  • When the maximum number of reproductions per mount is reduced, existing mounts will keep their remaining number of reproductions whenever possible.
  • It is no longer possible for a wild mount to mate with a non-wild mount. We are making this change to prevent wild mounts from being used on a massive scale to work around the "genetic collisions" mechanic.
  • If a character captures a wild mount when they already have one on them, the captured mount transforms directly into a certificate and is added to the character's inventory.
  • If a mount certificate with an “autopilot” capacity is exchanged with one of the three mount exchanging NPCs, players will receive a certificate without said capacity and a linked autopilot potion.
  • The "chameleon" gene can now appear spontaneously in Dragoturkeys.
  • When a public or private paddock is removed, the mounts and items it contains are sent to the owner's stable and bank, respectively.
  • Recipes for breeding items have been modified to have fewer ingredients in common and to provide more diversity.
  • Efficiency or resistance to wear and tear has been modified for certain breeding items:
    • Famished Sunflower Drinking Trough: Resistance: 750 -> 1250
    • Dark Bamboo Drinking Trough: Efficiency: 50 -> 30
    • Wa Wabbit Drinking Trough: Resistance: 2500 -> 3000
    • Elm Drinking Trough: Efficiency: 70 -> 50
    • Silf the Greater Bherb Drinking Trough: Resistance: 2500 -> 3750
    • Captain Scarlight Drinking Trough: Resistance: 2500 -> 3750
    • Holy Bamboo Drinking Trough: Efficiency: 90 -> 70
    • Kimbo Drinking Trough: Resistance: 2500 -> 4500
    • Fuji Snowfoux Drinking Trough: Resistance: 2500 -> 4500
    • Missiz Freezz Drinking Trough: Resistance: 2500 -> 6250
    • Meno Drinking Trough: Resistance: 2500 -> 6250
    • Sponge Mob Lightning Thrower: Resistance: 1500 -> 2500
    • Ronin Chafer Lightning Thrower: Resistance: 1500 -> 2500
    • Dark Bamboo Lightning Thrower: Efficiency: 50 -> 30
    • Royal Blop Lightning Thrower: Resistance: 5000 -> 6000
    • Elm Lightning Thrower: Efficiency: 70 -> 50
    • Lord Crow Lightning Thrower: Resistance: 5000 -> 7500
    • Soft Oak Lightning Thrower: Resistance: 5000 -> 7500
    • Holy Bamboo Lightning Thrower: Efficiency: 90 -> 70
    • Obsidemon Lightning Thrower: Resistance: 5000 -> 9000
    • Tengu Snowfoux Lightning Thrower: Resistance: 5000 -> 9000
    • Klime Lightning Thrower: Resistance: 5000 -> 12500
    • Protoz'orror Lightning Thrower: Resistance: 5000 -> 12500
    • Royal Gobball Slapper: Resistance: 300 -> 500
    • Dark Bamboo Slapper: Efficiency: 50 -> 30
    • Royal Jelly Slapper: Resistance: 1000 -> 1200
    • Elm Slapper: Efficiency: 70 -> 50
    • White Rat Slapper: Resistance: 1000 -> 1500
    • Drhossil Slapper: Resistance: 1000 -> 1500
    • Holy Bamboo Slapper: Efficiency: 90 -> 70
    • Ougaa Slapper: Resistance: 1000 -> 1800
    • Giant Kralove Slapper: Resistance: 1000 -> 1800
    • Sylargh Slapper: Resistance: 1000 -> 2500
    • Golden Scarabugly Dragobutt: Resistance: 1500 -> 2500
    • Black Leather Dragobutt: Efficiency: 50 -> 30
    • Gourlo the Terrible Dragobutt: Resistance: 5000 -> 6000
    • Dramak Dragobutt: Resistance: 5000 -> 6000
    • Woolly Piggoth Leather Dragobutt: Efficiency: 70 -> 50
    • Black Rat Dragobutt: Resistance: 5000 -> 7500
    • Peki Peki Dragobutt: Resistance: 5000 -> 7500
    • Maho Snowfoux Leather Dragobutt: Efficiency: 90 -> 70
    • Minotot Dragobutt: Resistance: 5000 -> 9000
    • Kimbo Dragobutt: Resistance: 5000 -> 9000
    • Klime Dragobutt: Resistance: 5000 -> 12500
    • King Nidas Dragobutt: Resistance: 5000 -> 12500
    • Boostache Patter: Resistance: 300 -> 500
    • Last Cheeken Feather Patter: Efficiency: 50 -> 30
    • Legendary Crackler Patter: Resistance: 1000 -> 1200
    • Kido Rear Feather Patter: Efficiency: 70 -> 50
    • Fraktal Patter: Resistance: 1000 -> 1500
    • Royal Mastogob Patter: Resistance: 1000 -> 1500
    • Quetsnakiatl Feather Patter: Efficiency: 90 -> 70
    • Obsidemon Patter: Resistance: 1000 -> 1800
    • Tengu Snowfoux Patter: Resistance: 1000 -> 1800
    • Nileza Patter: Resistance: 1000 -> 2500
    • Queen of Thieves Patter: Resistance: 1000 -> 2500
    • Batofu Manger: Resistance: 1500 -> 2500
    • Dark Bamboo Manger: Efficiency: 50 -> 30
    • Kanniball Andchain Manger: Resistance: 5000 -> 6000
    • Elm Manger: Efficiency: 70 -> 50
    • Pandora Master Manger: Resistance: 5000 -> 7500
    • Skeunk Manger: Resistance: 5000 -> 7500
    • Holy Bamboo Manger: Efficiency: 90 -> 70
    • Bworker Manger: Resistance: 5000 -> 9000
    • Korriander Manger: Resistance: 5000 -> 9000
    • Count Harebourg Manger: Resistance: 5000 -> 12500
  • Dragoturkey bonuses have been modified. All Dragoturkeys now give a Vitality bonus of 300. In addition, the bonuses for most Dragoturkeys have been increased or replaced:
    • The Ginger Dragoturkey now gives 300 Vitality and 50 Healing. With two colors, the Healing bonus is 35.
    • The Almond Dragoturkey now gives 300 Vitality and 1500 Initiative. With two colors, the Initiative bonus is 1000.
    • The Golden Dragoturkey now gives 300 Vitality and 2 Summons. With two colors, the Summons bonus is 1.
    • The Crimson Dragoturkey now gives 300 Vitality and 100 Strength. With two colors, the Strength bonus is 70.
    • The Orchid Dragoturkey now gives 300 Vitality and 100 Intelligence. With two colors, the Intelligence bonus is 70.
    • The Indigo Dragoturkey now gives 300 Vitality and 100 Fortune. With two colors, the Fortune bonus is 70.
    • The Ebony Dragoturkey now gives 300 Vitality and 100 Agility. With two colors, the Agility bonus is 70.
    • The Ivory Dragoturkey now gives 300 Vitality and 70 Power. With two colors, the Power bonus is 50.
    • The Turquoise Dragoturkey now gives 300 Vitality and 80 Prospecting. With two colors, the Prospecting bonus is 60.
    • The Plum Dragoturkey now gives 300 Vitality and 2 Range. With two colors, the Range bonus is 1.
    • The Emerald Dragoturkey now gives 300 Vitality and 12 Critical Hits. With two colors, the Critical Hits bonus is 8.
  • The Resistance bonuses for Orchid, Crimson, Indigo and Ebony Seemyools have been reduced: 22 → 16 with one color. 11 → 8 with two colors.
  • The AP Dodge and MP Dodge bonuses for Turquoise and Ivory Seemyools have been increased: 30 → 40 with one color. 20 → 30 with two colors.
  • Seemyools: The probability of producing a female is now 50%, regardless of color.
  • The number of reproductions for Dragoturkeys has been reduced: 20 → 5. This change is retroactive. Existing Dragoturkeys keep their available reproductions (up to a maximum of 5).
  • The chances of Dragoturkeys inheriting abilities has been reduced: 10% → 5%


Attacks between characters

  • A character can now attack another character of any level, as long as the target is not 50 levels or higher than the attacker, with any type of attack (on the Heroic Server, with Perceptor or prism attacks, in alignment battles, in Alliance vs Alliance, etc.). However, when a territory is in "King of the Hill" mode, the minimum level to contribute to point gains remains at 50. This change does not apply to Prisms or Perceptor attacks.
  • A 10-second period of invulnerability to character attacks is applied to characters at the end of a fight, except for challenges, in all game modes (classic, Heroic and Epic). Previously, this invulnerability lasted 5 seconds, applied to challenges and was not included in all game modes.
  • If an account is engaged in a PvP match, another account connected from the same machine may not voluntarily start or join other PvP fights; It can however be attacked by another account (aggression without consent). This restriction applies to the following PvP systems:
    • Perceptors
    • Prisms
    • Alignment
    • Wild alliance combats outside of KotH (Heroic server only).
  • End of combat invulnerability stop when the character moves.



  • There is no longer a micro-delay between the preparation phase and the start of the battle (after clicking on the "Ready" button).
  • Spells selected after clicking the "Ready" button are no longer incorrectly deselected when the combat phase begins.
  • In spectator mode, cells shown by members of a group are now visible to all members of that group.
  • Aura glyphs that remove AP, MP or Range (when crossed) now cause the player to fail the "Time Flies", "Keep Moving!" and "Sightseeing" challenges, respectively.



  • Inertia:
    • The Gravity state can no longer be unbewitched.
  • Ataraxia:
    • The spell works correctly if the target is affected by a Sacrifice spell (Aegis, for example).



  • Burning Stroke:
    • At rank 1, critical hit damage has been corrected (it was abnormally high).



  • Toxic Injection:
    • The recast interval is correctly updated when the spell is cast.


  • Unsummoning:
    • The damages on Rogue’s seismobombs are now correct: they were   incorrectly doubled.


  • Recursiveness:
    • The targeted ally was not correctly pushed back if it came in contact with a second turret. This problem is now fixed.


  • The Kolossium rating is now hidden when a character is ineligible for a Kolossium ranking (if the character has not been in enough fights recently).
  • Being in spectator mode for a Kolossium fight no longer prevents you from accepting and joining another Kolossium fight.



  • The new marketplace sales interface is available in a beta version.



  • White Gobbly:
    • The Dribble spell can only be cast in a line.
    • The monster's Wisdom has been reduced.
  • The Archmonster Snappster the Sued has been renamed Larvomatik the Clean.
  • Violet Arrow no longer incorrectly skips some of his turns without playing.
  • Experience points obtained by defeating a Dostrogo are now consistent with the monster's level.
  • Al Howin curses (being transformed into a Tofu or an Al Howin Gobball) have been added to the loot for the Al Howin boss.
  • The visibility of the Fugitives' glyphs (Xelorium) has been improved.



  • Generation of Smithmagic Runes through the Crusher has been reduced by 25%.
  • The maximum bonus multiplier for rune generation has been reduced from 20,000% to 4,000%.
  • We are making these changes in order to reduce the generation of Smithmagic Runes, increase their price, increase equipment destruction and increase the overall value of resources. We have been monitoring the quantities of runes being generated and consumed, and we have decided to gradually reduce the generation of Smithmagic Runes until we achieve a more appropriate rate of resource destruction.



  • Blank Seeker scrolls can no longer be purchased from the NPCs Shush Tercesasti and Ebru of El. Existing blank and linked scrolls are permanently deleted. New blank scrolls can be made by handymen.
  • Recipes for home potions and guild paddock potions have been simplified.
  • The recipe for the Perceptor Summoning Potion has been simplified.
  • The Monster Bread consumable can now only be used in the Sufokia Bay area.
  • The Borbacape cloak is now correctly linked to the account for 62 days (instead of 63).
  • Veteran Rewards obtained after the thirteenth year in the game can correctly be obtained from the NPC Harvey Terran.
  • Wrapped gifts can no longer be sold in marketplaces or merchant modes.
  • The following shields (obtained during Dungeon Rushers events) have retroactively become ceremonial items:
    • Piggy Shield
    • Rat Shield
    • Bworkler
    • Wosungwee Shield
    • Royal Tofu Shield
    • Skeunkield
    • Merkator Shield
    • Kimbo Shield
    • Dramak Shield
    • Royal Rainbow Blop Shield
    • Fraktal Shield
    • Shieltanuk
    • Korriander Shield
    • Giant Kralove Shield
    • Ush's Shield
    • Mantiscore Shield
    • Dantinea's Shield
    • Kickroach's Shield
    • Father Whupper Shield
    • Exotic Shield
    • Koolich Aid
    • Count Harebourg's Shield
  • Cosmetic items (hats, cloaks, shields) that have bonuses (with an effect on combat) and that are obtained outside of the game (shop, subscription gifts, free items, promotional offers, etc.) temporarily cannot be sold in marketplaces or in merchant mode. We are planning to retroactively change these items to turn them into ceremonial items. Once these items have been turned into ceremonial items, it will again be possible to sell them in marketplaces and in merchant mode.
    We want to make these changes for the following reasons:
    • We want to make cosmetic items work better, make them more attractive to players, and no longer force players to use Mimisymbics for items with a purely cosmetic function.
    • We want to stop cosmetic items available outside the game from affecting low-level characters' power, and from disrupting the economy for low-level items. Items that provide combat bonuses should ideally come from within the game and be created by players. In this way, we hope to gradually improve player's experience of the game at low levels and the value of in-game items and resources.
    • The temporary ban on sales in merchant mode and in marketplaces for the items in question allows us to ensure that beginning players will not be caught unprepared if some of their items are changed into ceremonial items; we want to give them enough time to gradually replace their equipment with more powerful versions, and we hope to avoid situations where beginning players unwittingly acquire items with bonuses that then become ceremonial items.
  • The recipes for the following items have been modified, and now use Nuggets instead of Smoked Pebbles: Voyager (trophy), Jackanapes (trophy), Guild Shield, Alliance Shield.
  • Shields that cannot be equipped (broken shields, for example) can no longer be sold in marketplaces or in merchant mode.
  • The criteria for equipping ceremonial items are evaluated correctly, and ceremonial items with criteria that the character fails to meet cannot be equipped and are automatically dissociated from their item if they are already equipped.
  • It is now possible to associate a living item to an item linked to the account or to the character.
  • Mushd Cloak: the resistance bonus has been corrected. The cloak provides less Air resistance but gives a bonus to Fire resistance.
  • Shaker Trophy: The Vitality bonus has been reduced: 150 → 50
  • Nomad Trophy: The Power bonus has been reduced: 50 → 20
  • Splinter Sprinter: the effects are now shown correctly in-game.
  • Security Shovel: the equipment criterion has been corrected: it previously required exactly 60 Agility, instead of an Agility greater than or equal to 60.


Pets and Petsmounts

  • Kwyness: The Vitality penalty has been replaced by a bonus of 25 Power. Therefore, the Petsmount's bonus is now 1 AP and 25 Power. This change is not retroactive. In order for your Kwyness to get its new bonuses, you will need to:
    • Kill it to obtain a Kwyness ghost (with the help of a Butcher, for example),
    • Have an Eniripsa powder,
    • Exchange the Kwyness ghost and an Eniripsa powder with  Oshim [9,21]
  • The Moowitty now correctly feeds on the monsters from the Boowolf and Sidimonster families introduced when the Sidimote Moors were revamped. The number of monsters to be killed has been reduced overall. If you have a Moowitty, its bonuses will remain the same, but the next characteristic points it gains will be based on the new thresholds.



  • A new mine has been added in the Fangs of Glass area.
  • The amount of copper found in the World of Twelve's various mines has been increased.
  • Inaccessible bamboo on Pandala Island has been moved so that it can be collected.


Maps and areas

  • Tactical Mode has been corrected on many maps for cases where areas that were supposed to be inaccessible were incorrectly shown as being accessible.
  • Transitions between maps have been improved in the Bonta, Cania, and Frigost areas.
  • The inactive trash can in front of the Astrub Bank has been activated.
  • The Breeder Village sub-area on Otomai Island has been enlarged by one map in order to allow prism placement (the sub-area contained only paddock maps, and prisms cannot be placed there).
  • The transition between the Cemetery of Heroes and Crackler Mountain has been modified: It is no longer possible for a non-subscribed character to get stuck in the Crackler Mountains with no ability to come back.


Temple Dopples

  • The quests and Achievements for Temple Dopples no longer allow players to earn Doploons, for two main reasons:

· Ultimately, we want to significantly limit the impact of Dopple fights. This daily mechanic is very time-consuming and lacks the depth (uniquely solo activity that does not offer several ways of viewing or going about it) to justify players regularly repeating this activity and devoting a large portion of their playing time to it.

· We would like to refocus characteristic scroll production on Dragoturkeys to ensure better long-term profitability of this action; breeding them will be a potentially large source of destruction in 2.47, and that should improve the value of resources.

  1. is no longer possible to buy Amber, Smoked or Mahogany Pebbles from the Temple Merchant and Rhia NPCs. However, it is still possible to spend Doploons to obtain characteristic scrolls.
  2. can still be obtained via Wanted Notices.
  3. that use Amber, Smoked and Mahogany Pebbles have been modified, and now require Crimson, Gleaming and Sparkling Pebbles.
  1. Smoked and Mahogany Pebbles must be used before update 2.47 is released. After the update, they can still be recycled (in exchange for Nuggets). We eventually plan to eliminate these pebbles permanently.



  • Quests that cannot be tracked are no longer shown in the quest tracker, and can no longer be pinned.
  • For the quest Big Job at Allister's Castle:
    • The level of this quest has been increased from 20 to 30
    • The objective Bring back to Site Chief: 6x Flint is now Bring back to Site Chief: 3x Granite Stone
  • For the quest The Site Chief Sits Down to Eat:
    • The level of this quest has been increased from 20 to 40
    • The objective Bring back to Site Chief: 2x Grilled Bass is now Bring back to Site Chief: 4x Trout Flambé
    • The objective Bring back to Site Chief: 2x Grilled Bass is now Bring back to Site Chief: 4x Trout Flambé
    • The objective Bring back to Site Chief: 2x Golden Brioche is now Bring back to Site Chief: 2x Sesame Seed Bread
    • The objective Bring back to Site Chief: 2x Incarnam Bread is now Bring back to Site Chief: 2x Carasau
  • For the quest Sacrier Dopple Hunting: the incorrect waypoint has been corrected.
  • The quest For Whom The Drhell Holes is now shown as a dungeon quest in the Quest Log.
  • For the quest Waw and Peace: the hints given in a dialogue on finding Prent have been updated after the Astrub revamp.
  • For the quests I Smell Trouble and Mornings Are Hard: the waypoints showing the location of the NPC Erty Trapchet have been updated.
  • For the quest Pandavignon: the quest can again be completed by a non-subscribed player. However, you must still be subscribed in order to make use of the content available on Pandala Island.
  • For the quest Litol Goblait the Goblinmagus: various improvements have been made to make it easier to understand and progress through the quest; you now have to be followed by Litol Goblait in order to complete the objective Go and see Bworknroll.
  • For the quest Shushu Shack: the hint provided in Kerub Crepin's dialogue about the location of the old chapel has been corrected.
  • For the quest Ice Hotel: the crafting XP obtained by crafting the items needed to complete the quest have been reduced.



  • Almanax Sanctuary: Fixed a problem with movement continuity between the Meridia rooms (non-current season) and the Room of Doors: player characters were being teleported to Antyklime's Hall (instead of the Room of Doors) after a certain date in the springtime (May 1st).
  • The bonus for May 26 (Increased Challenges) is now active in the Tainela sub-area (the Amakna Castle Gobball Breeding Station sub-area having been eliminated).



  • The Chafers achievement can now be completed in the Evil Forest area.
  • The level of the Dale's Castle quest has been changed from 20 to 30.
  • The Soul-Blazes achievement has been added to the objectives of the Chilled to the Bone meta-achievement.
  • Exploration achievement: the Barracks of the Day Without End achievement has been added to the objectives of the Snowy Castle meta-achievement. The Albatrocious Rock and Silent Wrecks achievements have been added to the objectives of the White Paradise meta-achievement.



  • All guilds in the same alliance now share the same rest period for a Perceptor when it has been defeated or harvested.
  • The message indicating that a Perceptor has been harvested while a character was away is no longer displayed when the character who harvested it is disconnected during the interaction with the Perceptor.



  • Having the maximum allowed number of guild houses no longer prevents you from making changes to sharing options.



  • All characters can now access conquest villages, but only those who belong to the alliance that controls them can attack monsters or collect resources there or teleport in or out.
  • Using a Sentinel Potion can no longer trigger an attack on the members of one's alliance.


Heroic Server

  • The Rhia NPC (treasure hunt building) now offers a chest that lets you obtain 500 Kolossokens. This chest costs 100 Roses of the Sands.
  • It is no longer possible to check from a distance whether a target can be attacked or not.



The DOFUS client uses a new Adobe Air version. This change improves the performance of the DOFUS client.


  • Magical Orbs can no longer be obtained from treasure hunt chests. Magical Orbs have been removed from the game.
  • The display of level-up illustrations has been optimized.
  • Obsolete tips (shown during client loading times) that referred to redistributing characteristic points have been deleted.
  • The explanatory notification shown when leveling up no longer mentions spell points.
  • The tutorial tips no longer mention spell points.
  • The error message shown when a non-subscribed character tries to equip a set of items that modifies their characteristics has been corrected.
  • Monsters that are no longer present in the game but are present in Soul Stones have now been removed from the Soul Stones.
  • The notification when teleporting to a dungeon now correctly disappears if the person who issued the request disconnects.
  • In the French version, items of type "œil" (eye), "œuf" (egg) and "cœur" (heart) are now written with the "œ" character. The search interface in marketplaces accepts special characters so that users can easily find these items.
  • Bestiary: An obsolete version of the Kwismas Minotoball that could sometimes appear in the bestiary has been deleted.
  • Following feedback from some players, various spelling corrections have been made to the game text.
  • Non-tradable objects no longer display an average price.