• Characters who sacrifice others now take the full damage dealt to the sacrificed characters.
    • Several years ago, the sacrifice mechanics had been modified to only take into account the resistances and protections in place on the sacrificed targets. This was intended to prevent abuses where damages could be avoided by all the sacrificed characters as well as the character sacrificing itself for them. For some time, a similar abuse had become possible, thanks to the different types of invulnerability. This is now modified for the same reasons as before.


  • Sram :
    • The position swap from the “Explosion of the Double” spell wasn#t working properly, even if the Double or summoner was in Gravity state. This problem is now fixed and all effects, except the position swap, work as intended should the summoner or its Double be in Gravity state.


  • When a pet is fed directly after being obtained from a gift, its level will not reset.


  • The Girdle Belt brought changes to the Gust spell twice. The effect that removed the line of sight from Gust was intended for the Barrier spell. Now, it is indeed Barrier that loses the line of sight requirement by the Feca class belt.
  • The Poopapink Staff, as well as the Trool Hunter's Shield (ceremonial items), can now be equipped on the right kind of items.

Al Howin

  • The Al Howin Gobbal and Al Howin Tofu transformations can no longer be obtained while the quest "A Pumpkwin for Al Howin" is in progress.
  • The fight against Malice is no longer blocked when sidekicks are present in the fight; these will be automatically killed at the beginning of the fight
  • Several corrections were brought to the “Beer Request” quest to avoid instances that would block its progress.
  • Several corrections were brought to the “A Sweet Not Like the Others”:
    • It is no longer possible to obtain multiple Soiled Undies.
    • Having multiple Soiled Undies no longer stops Paindep from getting the needed items to craft the Nightmarish Sweet. If a player has multiple Soiled Undies, the surplus will be automatically deleted once the quest objective to deliver one pair of undies is validated.
    • Closing the window without choosing a disguise no longer interferes with the quest completion. Players that were stuck can now finish the quest as intended.