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  • Gluing Explobombs are correctly set off by other bombs.
  • The damage preview takes better account of bomb combo damage bonuses.


  • Since the 2.49 Dofus update, some players no longer had sound when playing the game. This problem is now fixed.
  • Capital accented letters are once again an option for setting up shortcuts.
  • An exception upon the removal of items being sold in the marketplace, after clicking on an item that cannot be sold on that same marketplace, is now fixed. 



  • An important part of achievements demands to complete level 200 content. Yet, our aim is to reward the investment of players at all levels and to redistribute the score increase throughout their progression.
    In order to do so, we added new achievements and split some of the existing achievements to make a clear distinction between level 200 content and lower level content. This way, players have more choices in their activities to increase their score and to get Temporis rewards.
    Each success (split and new) gives 1 Tempoken. Whether a to-be-split achievement was completed before the update has not impact on the Tempokens' obtention: the maximum number of Tempokens remain the same for all characters.
  • The successes of monsters are split like this:
    • Temporis: Amakna Monsters becomes
        • Temporis: Monsters of Amakna
        • Temporis: Big Monsters of Amakna
    • Temporis: Frigost Monsters becomes
        • Temporis: Frigost Monsters I and II
        • Temporis: Frigost Monsters III and IV
    • Temporis: Dimensional Monsters becomes:
        • Temporis: Small Dimensional Monsters
        • Temporis: Dimensional Monsters
        • Temporis: Big Dimensional Monsters
  • New successes are added:
    • Temporis: Hopeful
    • Temporis: Vaired Common Spells
    • Temporis: Miscellaneous Common Spells
    • Temporis: Secret Dungeon


  • Resource drop rates are doubled on monsters.
  • The drop rates for Fortunawa Cookies and for the  Wingepig now match those on the classic servers.