The Makings of the Eliocalypse

Hunt down temporal anomalies and fight the monsters in those suspicious sub-areas – what you and other players do will trigger the opening of the Zaaps toward other times, inhabited by iconic characters from the Krosmoz such as Julith, Dathura, Percimol, and many, many more!

Rare Loot

You asked for it, and you got it! Three new items, inspired by an Aquatic theme and dropped directly by monsters, are making their debut with this update.

Season 3 of the Kolossium

The re-initialization of ratings and league points inaugurates this very promising new season.

Fleaster Island

Fleaster deserves an island of its own, and you'll be able to sink your teeth into it soon, like a chocolate surprise egg. To explore every last crumb, you'll have to wait until mid-April 2019, after dealing with the temporal anomalies… There's a time for everything!

Legendary Pets

Your pets are evolving! You can now grant your pets a legendary power once they reach their maximum level and after completing a series of objectives.