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The game servers have been updated. Here is the list of changes that were deployed this morning:

Infinite Dreams

  • Tanukouï San’s Nightmare: The modifier correctly increases its poison damage instead of increasing the players’ damage spells.
  • Transcendence Runes can be used.

Fleaster Island

  • In the quest Chococrunchers to Guttle, the level of the Cocoa-Whoa Kwakao is adapted to the player's level.
  • In the quests A Picture Collector's Problems and Playing Chocolate Maker, it is no longer possible to obtain the quest items on monsters of a much lower level than that of the player.
  • The progress of the quest The Chokao Case is no longer blocked if a player has more than one All-Purpose Glu in its inventory.
  • The NPC Lilivonne Kah now allows you to start the quest An Egg of One’s Own if a player prematurely closes the dialogue interface.
  • Paper Wrappers were added on Fleaster Island.
  • Fleaster Eggs and Golden Fleaster Eggs no longer block the capture of the monster groups in which they appear. Nevertheless, their loot cannot be obtained in the Bonta and Brakmar arena.
  • Chokao Priestess health increase according to the number of opponents.
  • The Crunchery dungeon's Duo achievement is no longer validated if players take more than 20 rounds to kill the Crunchler.
  • The Crunchery dungeon's Blitzkrieg achievement now takes into account the Crunchler’s summons.
  • The Crunchery’s and the Waddict Foundry's dungeon savepoints are correctly removed when the dungeon keeper is defeated.
  • The amount of Crunchler Hearts needed to craft items from the Chocruncher set has been increased in order to be balanced with other recipes.
  • The Chocomancer Belt can be made by shoemakers.

Spell Preview

  • The preview now takes into account the effects triggered through portals, critical damages originating from an ally or enemy, as well as placement changes.


  • Old star bonuses are replaced by increased reward bonus in the affected areas.


  • The Jellith Dimension (Royal) subarea is removed. The Jelly Dungeon now consists of a single subzone, like all other dungeons in the game.
  • It is again possible to buy Pandapiler flasks: they are now sold by Soukawa the Merchant at [26,-38] in the Pandala Suburbs, for 10 kamas each.
  • The elemental weaknesses inflicted by the following incarnation spells are replaced by an increase in damages suffered by the target:
  • Mandrin Incarnation: Robbery.
  • Ougicle Incarnation: Moaning Wind (used by the Air Ouaivz summon).
  • Hulkrap Incarnation: Incendiary Vulnerability (used by the Will-o'-the-Wisp summon).
  • Grute Incarnation: Inyerface.
  • Wandering Bandit Incarnation: Rataturk (used by the Nemik summon).