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The game servers have been updated. Here is the list of changes that were deployed this morning:


  • Just like with Sidekicks, players correctly get the Slayer states when they kill a monster accompanying Julith.
  • For the quest “Things Will Be Better Before”: Fighting time elementals now allows you to gather the correct amount of resources needed to validate quest objectives. Characters who have fought all available elementals and have only 3 “Dash O'Time” items can talk to the NPC Rooky Rolscuba in order to continue the quest.
  • The temporal anomaly pictograph now appears on the mini-map without having to first open the world map interface.
  • The drop rate for resources obtained from the temporal anomaly guardians evolves correctly according to the level of the anomaly.
  • The sort option in the bonus/malus reward interface works properly when based on territory % values.


  • It is no longer possible to circumvent Perceptors’ harvesting restrictions of via the Well of Infinite Dreams.
  • The problems linked to the presence of certain NPCs are solved.


  • In the event of a character’s level change, for the quest "Chocomagic vs Chocomancy", the objective "Find the Fleaster custodian" could be available again without the possibility to validate it. The players who found themselves in this situation will see their quest validated if all subsequent objectives have been fulfilled when speaking to the Chocomancer Guard.
  • On Fleaster Island, characters are teleported to the dungeon entrance when defeated, instead of being returned to their save point.
  • Equipping a Chocomancer Belt no longer causes the appearance of an Alyverol Cape on one’s character.


  • Pushback damages are no longer abnormally high in certain situations.


  • When a target is under the effect of a Foggernaut’s Harmattan spell, the damage preview is no longer greater than the actual damage.
  • When a combat modifier reduces the critical damage dealt to monsters, the values ​​displayed reflect this reduction.


  • The premium account criterion is once again working.
  • The /whois command now displays the server’s time in addition to other information.