From the heart of the mountain, their songs praise their bravery and their mops of hair. Accustomed to harsh winters and glowing forges, fearless,
the Nimbos are resurfacing!
These Cave Gobball riders are devoted to worshiping hops and malts, as well as high-quality alloys. Explore their world, step through the Coldiron gates and soothe King Dazahk's wrath!

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Trailer / DOFUS Time 2.47
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A New VHL Dungeon and a New Area to Explore

Cross the threshold of King Dazahk's Brewery and leave this new level-200 dungeon a winner!
A new level-200 farming area is accessible to the most seasoned adventurers.
Will the challenge pull you up short?

A New Family of Mounts to Breed

The Rhineetles - a new family of mounts to breed - are coming to the World of Twelve, but you'll need to arm yourself with patience and use all your talent as a breeder to capture them and help them reach maturity.

Beta-Mode Marketplaces

A new marketplace interface is being introduced.