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In version 2.48, we're introducing a new system at the Kolossium: Leagues.
This system supplements the Kolossium ratings, and has several goals:

  • provide an accurate representation of character rankings;
  • offer easily attainable progress objectives;
  • and offer an intuitive, ongoing advancement system.
Pet Revamp

In version 2.48, we're modifying the pet and mount system.
The goal is to offer a new system that meets the following objectives:

  • remove time-based restrictions on pet progression;
  • provide pets with competitive bonuses relative to mounts;
  • allow them to influence game server economies;
  • update the method for obtaining them so they're better integrated with other types of content; and
  • have a more accessible system.
Pet obtained in-game
  • The Minowang has dark fur and a feisty temperament, inherited from a childhood spent in the shadow of a mountain of fire. Extremely stubborn, it preferred to join you rather than put its hooves up and lounge on the sandy beaches of Minotoror Island.
  • You have a chance of getting this pet when you defeat any dungeon keeper.
Pet obtained from the Shop
  • A lover of Goblimps' warped sense of humor, Komet was charmed by your own, and decided to leave the snowy forests of Kwismas Island so he could accompany you on many a rousing adventure.
    • You can get this pet from the Shop.
    late October
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