• Guild wars allow your alliance to take over territories by fighting against other alliances on your server.
  • Territories that you control yield XP and drop bonuses, and can even allow you access to resources which are virtually exclusive.
  • In these guild wars, the number of participants matters more than strength, and players clash even outside of actual combat. Characters level 50 and up can access the system.

What are guild wars?


The guild war system is a feature that allows players to fight each other in order to gain control over various territories within the World of Twelve.
There are two types of territories. The first of these is the open zone, which anyone can access but where members of the alliance controlling the area get XP and drop bonuses while in that area. The second type is the conquest village, which can only be accessed by the alliance that controls it.

Confrontations to decide who controls a territory take place in two phases:

  • Prism attack
  • 'King of the Hill'

Weakening the Prism

The first thing that must be done to conquer a territory controlled by an enemy alliance is to weaken the area’s Prism. In order to do so, the Prism must be attacked and defeated.

You can form a group containing a maximum of five characters from any alliance – apart from the alliance that controls the zone, of course – to attack the Prism.

The alliance controlling the zone will be alerted about the attack on its Prism and will be able to defend it with a maximum of five characters. If you lose the battle, the five characters in the fight won't be able to attack the Prism for one hour. Other characters will still be able to attack it right away.  If you win the battle, the Prism will become weakened.
The Prism will remain in this state for 24 hours, no matter what happens. The alliance that controls the Prism will retain control of the zone during that time.
Once the 24 hours are up, the Prism will become vulnerable at the time that has been set by the alliance. The time at which the Prism becomes vulnerable can be freely modified while it is still in its normal state, but will be fixed once the Prism is weakened.

Exemple : If you attack the Prism at 9pm on a Wednesday and the time for the final battle has been set at 8pm, the Prism will become vulnerable at 8pm on Friday. If, on the other hand, you had attacked it on Wednesday at 7pm, it would have become vulnerable at 8pm on Thursday. Take care when selecting the time of your attack and make sure you take the 24-hour wait into account!

You can find out the time at which any normal or weakened Prism becomes vulnerable by clicking on it and reading the dialogue box, or by checking on the world map.

« King of the hill »

Once the Prism is vulnerable, it will stay in this state for a maximum of two hours.

In order to win the battle, an alliance must simply maintain a higher number of members inside the zone for a total of 30 minutes.

At the end of every minute, the alliance with the greatest number of characters inside the zone will win a point. 

An alliance will win once it has accumulated 30 minutes of numerical superiority in the zone in total. The 30 minutes do not have to be consecutive.
Warning! Only characters with AvA mode activated, who have been inside the zone for more than 1 minute and 30 seconds, and who are not in a fight will be counted.
Also, any alliance can participate, and there is no limit to the number of alliances that may battle for the zone.

Healers, Undertakers and Sentinels

Alliances need to have a numerical advantage across the area to win, sure... but that's not going to happen without a fight!

Every character whose AvA mode has been activated may attack members of the other alliances taking part in the fight to try and shut them out of the struggle.

These attacks are very important because characters who are defeated in the conflict zone will automatically go into tombstone mode on the map. Characters in tombstone mode do not count towards the number of alliance members inside the zone. What's more, a character that willingly frees its soul or has its soul forcibly freed will be excluded from the battle and will no longer count towards the final numbers for the whole time that the zone is vulnerable. This is where you can make use of the gifts available for free from the Alliance Temple: Healer, Undertaker and Sentinel.

The Healer can restore life to dead allies, while the Undertaker will send enemies in tombstone mode straight to the cemetery. The third of these major battle roles is the Sentinel, who has the ability to automatically attack any enemy coming within six cells or less of him.

Taking control of the zone

If the alliance that already holds the zone wins the battle, either by having superior numbers in the zone for 30 minutes or because no other alliance achieved this during the two hours, the alliance will not have to do anything. Its Prism will automatically revert to its normal state, and while it will still be open to attack, the alliance will have guaranteed control over the zone for at least 24 hours.
If an attacking alliance is victorious, the current Prism will be automatically destroyed once the alliance has attained its 30th minute of numerical superiority. The alliance will then have two hours to set up its own Prism inside the zone. If it does not do so within the allotted time, the first alliance to place a Prism will take control of the zone.



If an alliance controls an open territory such as Gobball Corner or the Cania Massif, it will obtain a 25% bonus to XP and drops gained in combat. 

Players from other alliances may continue to move around, fight or harvest in these areas as per usual, without being penalised.

When an alliance controls a conquest village such as the Zoth Village or Feudala Village, only members of that same alliance may enter the zone to fight monsters and obtain resources.
It is possible to enter a conquest village and try to obtain resources while its Prism is vulnerable. However, AvA mode will automatically be activated for characters in an alliance that enter the zone, making it possible for any players involved in the battle to attack them.