• Sidekicks can be summoned by equipping their ‘signal’ in your inventory.
  • Sidekicks help you win battles against monsters.
  • You control your Sidekick during a fight!

What's a Sidekick?

Sidekicks are characters that you can control during combat in addition to your regular character. They can complete a group if a player is missing, or help you fight more powerful groups of monsters when you're playing by yourself.

You can only have one Sidekick per character while in combat, but up to four of them are permitted if there are several players who have Sidekicks. The maximum number of characters and/or Sidekicks allowed in a group is eight, and it is not possible to go over this number. Sidekicks do not pick up any loot at the end of battles, but they do have 100 Prospecting points that can help to meet the prospecting locks on certain resources.

PLEASE NOTE: Open the ‘Sidekicks’ interface in-game   to view the characteristics and spells of all the Sidekicks (including those that you haven't unlocked yet).

How do you get a Sidekick?

Like pets and incarnations, there are several types of Sidekick, and they can be obtained in a number of ways. Some can be acquired in game while others are exclusive to the shop or only available as subscription gifts.


Via the Great Emporium:

Shadow, Lumino, Beelzebug and Skale Multimen can be purchased from the Great Emporium with Ogrines.

Via achievements:

The Sidekick Astrub Knight is unlocked automatically when you reach 500 achievement points.
The Sidekicks Krobax and Trank are unlocked automatically when you reach 1,000 achievement points.

‘Ethereal’ Multimen:

The NPC Fraternica, who can be found in front of the Vigilante Base at [4, 4], lets characters obtain an ethereal Multiman signal once a week. The NPC offers the same Multiman to all players, but the Multiman available changes every week.

These ethereal signals let you summon the Sidekick for a total of 20 battles. If you don't wish to waste your summons for battles where your Sidekick isn't absolutely necessary, simply do not equip the signal.

How do you use a Sidekick?

Sidekicks that you have unlocked will appear as ‘signals’ in the ‘Equipment’ tab of your inventory. All you have to do is equip your signal of choice in the ‘Sidekicks’ slot to automatically summon the Sidekick to your side when a battle starts.
Similar to equipment items, Sidekicks require you to be at a certain level before you can equip them (level 10 and up for the Astrub Knight, level 30 and up for the Multimen). You also need to be subscribed in order to use Sidekicks.

Please note: Sidekicks cannot be used during Dopple battles, Kolossium battles, Perceptor battles or Prism battles, nor during PvP attacks and certain quest battles intended for a single character.

If you have several Sidekicks and want to swap them during the preparation phase, simply switch the Sidekick signal in your inventory. If you want to free up a space for another Sidekick or another player, simply unequip your Sidekick signal.

You can, of course, place your Sidekick onto the cell of your choice during the preparation phase. To do so, place your character onto the desired cell, then left-click on your Sidekick and select ‘Switch places’. Now all you have to do is find a place for your character!
There is no additional interface for controlling your Sidekick during combat. You will first control your character as usual and play your turn. Then, at the start of your Sidekick's turn, your Sidekick will be displayed instead of your character in the lower menu on the screen, and you will be able to play the turn as if your Sidekick was simply another player character. At the end of your Sidekick's turn, the interface will go back to your main character.
Please note: If your character is killed during combat, you will be able to continue playing as your Sidekick and vice versa. If, on the other hand, your character leaves a battle, so will your Sidekick.

How do you level up a Sidekick?

Unlike incarnations, Sidekicks do not gain experience and do not have a set level. A Sidekick's level will automatically adjust to that of the character equipping it.

Please note: Any Sidekicks that you have with you in combat will be counted as though they are characters when the XP is divided up among players. A part of the XP gained by the group will be attributed to the Sidekicks as if they were player characters, essentially meaning that this XP will be lost.

A Sidekick's characteristics are also directly linked to its level, so it isn't necessary to distribute spell points or characteristics points. Similarly, you cannot equip your Sidekick with any items. Nor do your character's characteristics have any effect on those of the Sidekick.
The Sidekick already has all its spells at level 1, and the effects of these spells do not change between level 1 and level 200 – instead, the Sidekick’s characteristics gradually increase their power.

Groups, challenges, achievements and modular dungeons

As outlined above, Sidekicks are considered to be player characters when in combat, even though they do not gain any experience or loot. As such, they will have a direct effect on the XP gained by your player characters, on unlocking specific challenges or achievements and on battles in modular dungeons.

Groups and XP gain

The XP gained in battles is adjusted using several factors, including the following in particular:
  • The closer the group's level is to that of the monsters, the more XP the characters will gain.
  • The more different characters there are in a group, the higher the XP multiplier applied.
Sidekicks' levels are counted during the calculation of the player group's level, but they aren’t used for calculating the group's bonus.

Furthermore, as outlined in the section about levelling up, Sidekicks receive a part of the XP at the end of battles.

Achievements and challenges

Using a Sidekick alongside your character will fulfil the conditions for challenges such as Tight and Hermit to appear.

It is also possible to complete ‘Duo’ dungeon achievements using a Sidekick. If, however, there is another player with you, equipping a Sidekick means that your group has three members, and you will no longer be able to get these achievements.

Modular dungeons

Sidekicks are counted as player characters when inside modular dungeons, meaning that if there are four player characters, having Sidekicks with you will affect the size of the monster groups you will face, as well as the amount of soul stone loot you will obtain if you capture one of these groups.

Example: A group of four characters with four Sidekicks that captures a group of monsters in a dungeon will obtain an ‘8 loot’ soul stone.